About Me

Hello! My name is Em, I am 31 and new to this whole blogging thing! I enjoy beauty, make up, baking and being creative.  I have decided that 2015 is the year when I start investing in myself – taking time for myself, taking care of myself; body mind and spirit. This blog is the start of this journey which I want to share and document. I also enjoy people, learning and especially learning about people. I have a Masters degree in Social Work and am a registered Social Worker in the UK working for a fostering service. It’s a stressful but rewarding job which I love. I am also a practice educator and teach student social workers on placement in my team. I don’t want this blog to focus on social work as I want it to reflect all my interests. xXx


15 responses to “About Me

  1. Hi Em I have spent the last two hours trying to get my head around doing this award blog but I am afraid it has beaten me tonight. But I wanted you to know I wasn’t ignoring you I just have had a nightmare where nothing has worked for me and I am so stressed I have thrown in the hat, but thank you x

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    • No worries, take your time. It took me over a week to do it when I was nominated as it takes time to think of questions and other people you want to nominate 😊 no worries xx


      • I did answer the questions and asked mine then chose ten followers I even published it. It was only then that I realised that all the links hadn’t worked. I also hadn’t worked out how to invite those chosen ten to take the award.
        I am also highly medicated at the moment so focusing is not a strong point lol xx


      • Don’t worry. I’m not sure how you invite people to take the award, so I just commented on the people I nominated blogs to let them know about the award xx no worries xx


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