Papergang – January 2017: The Unveiling 

I have had several Papergang subscription boxes, most of which I have really enjoyed. However, this month I am definitely on the fence and am contemplating whether I should continue with my subscription – especially as pennies are right now I am a full time student. 

So what did I get in this months box? First up I got this beautifully made bound notebook.

A4 Quarterbound Notebook – Designed by Hui Skipp RRP £11.95

I do like the cutest design and I love the bold, striking royal blue bound spine. 

However, would I have chose this for myself? Possibly not. It is a lovely quality lined book though so I’m sure I’ll get some use out of it.

Giftwrap – Designed by Hui Skipp RRP £1.75

This sheet of gift wrap has the same quirky design as the notebook. I also love the light blue/green shade of the paper. It’s always good to have a stash of a variety of paper!

Riso Printed Calendar – Designed by Hui Skipp RRP 1.95

The same as last month I do not use these as I joined the subscription scheme after they included the clipboard. I’m sure I would get more from these calendars if I had the clipboard!

2 x Greeting Cards – RRP £5

These are quite cute cards, however I’m not quite sure for which occasions would necessitate one of these cards! 

Blue & Gold Washi Tape – Designed by Hui Skipp RRP £2.50

I do love this washi tape, I love the design so I will definitely get use out of this.

All in all I am a bit disappointed with this months box. I will keep my subscription for another month but if the selection hasn’t improved then I will cancel as I would rather spend the £10 a month on stationery I’ve chosen myself.

What do you think? I love reading and replying to your comments. 


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