Review: Kat Von D -Serpentina Eyeshadow Palette 

On Thursday it is my birthday and a few weeks ago my wonderful boyfriend Dave surprised me with this stunning Serpentina eyeshadow palette from Kat Von D Beauty.

He knew I was disappointed that when Kat Von D Beauty launched in the UK this limited edition palette wasn’t included so he scoured eBay to get me this genuine palette shipped from the US. He was so excited he managed to get it for me that he surprised me with it early! I absolutely love it and it has lived up to my expectations.


Firstly I just adore the sleek matte black & gold robust cardboard packaging. The Serpentina palette is inspired by Ancient Egypt and specifically Cleopatra who is the embodiment of luxurious feminity. 

This palette contains one loose eyeshadow pigment & 8 Jewel toned shadows; 2 matte & 6 shimmer.


There are two matte shades in this eyeshadow palette; this beautiful red shade and the purple shade Venom.

I was really unsure about how much I would use a red eyeshadow however this is beautiful and I’ve used it as a transition colour in one of my eyeshadow looks at the end of this post. 

Bloodmilk is super pigmented and blends like a dream. I am super impressed with the quality of all of these shadows.


I was really looking forward to having this shade and I am on the fence as to whether I like it or not. Medusa is a beautiful cool-toned gold in the pan, however when I have tried to work it onto the eyelids it comes off looking like a dirty, almost brown gold – so the jury is still out. I need to work with this a bit more to find how I can use it to its full potential.


Ankh is stunning deep, dark chocolate brown shot through with bronze/gold shimmer. I have used this is smoke out an eye look or as a stunning eyeliner. This is a gorgeous shade and works well both dry and wet without comprising the quality of the shadow.


I really wasn’t that fussed about this shadow, however when I saw the beautiful Karen over at Confetti and Curves create her Autumn Purple Smoky Eye look in a recent video I was inspired to experiment with this shade. Queen is such a delicious berry shade which is shot through with a beautiful & delicate shimmer. Perfect for the Autumn months and it really made my hazel eyes pop. A new favourite! Thanks Karen!


I was inspired by one my favourite YouTubers Mallory over at Mallory1712 when she created a stunning make-up look primarily using Hieroglyph which I have attempted to recreate in some of the photos at the end of this post. If you want to watch Mallory’s video then check it out here: Mallory1712 Serpentina Eyeshadow Palette.


I have to admit that I have not played with this shadow very much. I’ve only used it as a bold eyeliner, or smudged out on my lower lash line; both of which worked really well. Nile is a bright sapphire blue with a gorgeous royal blue shimmer. I’m sure it would look beautiful all across the lid – but I haven’t been that brave…yet!


This was another shade which I had fallen in love with before I actually had the palette! This has not disappointed. This is a wonderful emerald green which is shot through with a beautiful green & gold shimmer. When I have worn this all over my eyelids this stunning shade has really made my hazel eyes pop and has brought out the flecks of green in my eyes. Love it.


This is the second matte shade in the palette and so far this hasn’t wowed me. I have found this to not be greatly pigmented which has made it really difficult to work with as it just looks uneven and bruise-like on the lid… Not the best look! I will have to keep playing with this one.

Prophet: Loose Pigment

This is a finely milled loose eyeshadow pigment which really amps up a make-up look. I have found the best way to use this is by patting the product on the centre of the eyelid with my finger tips. Prophet is a luxurious, bright, true-gold colour which I absolutely love. I will get a lot of use out of this!


For the above look I started off using Medusa all over my lid and then deepened the outer corner with a matte brown shadow from my Gwen Stefani X Urban Decay palette. I felt that Medusa didn’t give the intense gold look I was going for so I finished by patting a small amount of the loose pigment Prophet on the very centre of each eyelid. I completed the look by smoking out my lower lash line with the stunning emerald shade Scarab. 


This is my attempt of recreating the look by Mallory1712. I started off by buffing the red matte shade Bloodmilk into my crease and gently blending it onto my lid. I then laid down a layer of Hieroglyph and blended with the Bloodmilk. I then used Ankh to line my upper lash line and finished by patted some of the loose pigment Prophet on the very centre of each lid.

To complete the look I blended Hieroglyph along my lower lash line & used a tiny amount of Nile in the very centre of my lower lash line. 

This look is really, really bold for me but I do love it! What do you think?

Thanks for reading and I do hope you have enjoyed my review and make-up looks. Let me know what you think, do you have this palette? Do you have any suggestions for me? I love reading and replying to your comments.


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