Uni Stationery Haul

I have some news – I will be returning to university in just under two weeks to study for a MRes which is a Masters in Social Science Research Methods at the UEA in Norwich. 

This will be my second complete Masters degree and I can’t wait. For those who don’t know I graduated from the UEA five years ago with an MA in Social Work and have been practising as a social worker ever since. 

However the last year has been tough, lots of major changes at work, a massive restructure happened, I was ‘slotted’ into a completely newly formed team, several changes in line manager, massive increase in caseload with work which was completely new to me and basically something had to give. My stress levels were through the roof and this impacted severely on my physical and mental health. I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia of which stress is a major factor to flare ups so I made the decision to leave the job I had absolutely loved and persue my interest in research.

This degree is a great platform to continue onto a Ph.D, or a career in research and teaching – all of which I am interested in. I know this is the right move for me as I will be able to use my social work skills but in a different way. I cannot wait to start and get stuck into studying. So of course returning to uni means buying some new stationery! It just had to be done. 

I love pretty stationery and I found some gems in paperchase and the supermarkets.

Asda – Lay-Flat Journal 

I found this little gem whilst perusing the stationery delights in Asda. I was drawn to the beautiful pastel mint green of the cover. I much prefer A5 notepads rather than the larger A4 as I find them easier to write in when in lectures and seminars. I love this notepad as the binding is exposed so it’s able to be opened and lay flat or to be bent in on itself making it much easier to write on. Perfect.

Sainsbury’s – Pack of 3 Notebooks

Keeping with the pastel theme I picked up these little beauties in Sainsbury’s. They were a pack of 3 notebooks in mint green, muted coral and muted lilac with a gold detailing down the edge and spine. 

Paperchase – Gel Pens

I absolutely love Paperchase and when I bought these online some of their back to school stationery items were either in a sale or on a 3 for 2 offer. I much prefer to write in black ink rather than blue and these gel pens flow really smoothly without the annoying smudging which I sometimes get with ball point pens. 

Paperchase – Pack of 3 Notebooks

These notebooks are such amazing quality. I love the grey covers which are in a matte slightly textured card which feel really luxurious. These are also a great size and fit with my A5 preference.

Paperchase – Gel Pens Coloured Ink

I thought I would get some pens with coloured ink as I like highlighting in different colours. A great addition to my stationery haul. 

Paperchase – Rose Gold Pencil Case

I don’t like big pencil cases and it can be really difficult to find slim pencil cases, especially in pretty colours other than standard black! I knew Paperchase wouldn’t let me down and I just had to snap up with beautiful slim pencil case in a stunning rose gold metallic finish. This will be perfect to slip into my bag and keep all my pens in one place! Love it.

Paperchase – Filoxfax Organiser

I picked up this organiser in the Paperchase sale where it was reduced by 50%. I was drawn to the monochrome zebra print. This is a perfect size for my bag and is great to keep note of all my lecture times and any other information all in one place.

I am really pleased with my stationery haul and can’t wait to put them all to good use when I start uni. There is nothing better than new stationery on the first day of school!

Thanks for reading and I hope you have enjoyed my little haul. Let me know what you think, I love reading and replying to your comments. 


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