Weekly Round-Up: #1.6

This week, as you can see from the photo collage, there has been a definite purple theme. Most of the purple though has infact been on my face…. Emma and ridiculously hot & humid weather reaching in the early 30’s does not bode well for me! Yes I am one-of-those British people who moan when we have nice weather – I just don’t like the extremes. My fibromyalgia really flares in the humidity & this week has been a very difficult one. 

So let’s explore what other purple themes came up across my week. 

Beauty Blogging: Nip + Fab 

This week I only managed to post once because I had not been feeling very well. I blogged about this wonderful Glycolic Fix Exfoliating Pads from the brand Nip + Fab. 

Check out my full review here – Nip + Fab Glycolic Exfoliating Pads 

This is stretching my purple theme somewhat but I was inspired by my Purple Love painting which I used as the background for the photo!

Here is the full painting called Purple Love. If your interested in my art work then please take a look at my website which links to my Etsy shop www.artbyels.co.uk

Food: Obession with Beetroot

With the humid weather all I have been wanting to eat was salad. To make things a bit more interesting I’ve been searching for different salad toppings & I’ve been gravitating towards anything purple or beetroot related.

The above salad was absolutely delicious. I used a mixed leaf salad with grated beetroot and then topped with beetroot & yoghurt mint dip and beetroot falafels. This was so so tasty. Yummy!

Pokemon Go

I am still rather addicted to Pokemon Go on my iPhone. I’ve never been into Pokemon or obsessively playing games in general but this has really got me hooked! I live in a very small rural village out the outskirts of a town so holding a data signal is not great & catching Pokemon is hard work as they just don’t really hang out in the countryside. 

I have however managed to find a few at home this week. 

And a caught a Zubat round Daves parents house. During the week Dave has also very kindly driven me around the nearest town centre so I can stick up on pokestops & catch Pokemon & rare Pokemon. 


Purple has also been a definite theme in my artwork this week. I seem to gravitate towards the bright bold hues with beautiful results!

This is a commissioned piece I’ve been making for aground to celebrate their wedding anniversary. My first attempt ended up being a bold block of purple so I hope this one will be more positively received. 

I also finished off the mini canvas for Dave to have in his office. I think this adds a much needed splash of colour. Perfect.

Garden: Dandilions & Windmills

The summer weather has caused a dandilion explosion in our garden! Has anyone got any tips to get rid of these permanently?! My dad puts a spot of weed killer on each one of his but if we did that it would take years!

We found this cute windmill at the garden centre and it’s now taking pride of place in one of our borders. Adds a lovely splash of colour.

We managed to cut the grass and the dandilions too so the garden is looking a bit more tidy!

I hope you have enjoyed my weekly round-up. Thanks for reading. Do let me know how your week has been and any recommendations. I love reading and replying to your comments.

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6 responses to “Weekly Round-Up: #1.6

  1. Wonderful catchup! As always I love everything!!!! Though when I read you mentioning the purple theme I just knew I would Ems, it’s a fav of mine too ❤ How very interesting to read about your Fibro playing up with the weather extremes, I have been struggling greatly too – very sore, stiff and utterly exhausted yet up with insomnia! This only but adds more to the strength of what they surmise that it is! I do hope though that you are feeling a little better than before – I know it never leaves but when you have a 'good day' it feels like such a rare blessing ❤

    Ps: that mini canvas is adorable! Also, in the mood for beetroot with dins tonight – you're an inspiration on so many levels hehe XXX


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