June Favourites: Part 1 – Creativity 

I thought I would try something different with my favourites post this month. 

Whilst I love beauty stuff (and I will be posting my beauty favourites later this week) I have also totally fallen in love with creativity this month and thought I would share my favourite creative works for the month of June.

The above painting is a piece I created over the weekend which I absolutely adore. The below photos are close ups of the painting so you can see the full effect.

I used the pouring medium by Liquitex mixed with various shades of fluid and heavy body acrylic paints to create this fluid style effects. I absolutely love it and can’t wait to use the pouring medium for other pieces of work.

The above piece has taken a while to gather together and is not yet complete. I found these perfect cardboard circular discs when I was sorting through the boot of my car of all places (I really cannot remember how and why they were there!). I decided to paint each disc with various paints and mixes and when dry I glued them to this canvas board which I had painted a brilliant yellow colour. This isn’t finished yet, I just have to wait to be inspired for the next stage of this piece.

This is the biggest canvas I have ever painted. I have used a variety of different mediums, for example modelling, glass bead & crackle paste. I then built up the layers of paint to create this abstract painting. I just cannot find where best to hang this in our house. 

The above piece was my first experience of using the pouring medium with various different acrylic paints. I poured this onto a canvas board. I just love all the swirls and different effects.

I have also embraced using the creative and manual modes on my Canon 750D camera. I managed to capture this stunning sunset when I stepped out of my comfort zone and played around with the various exposure settings. Beautiful

I hope you have enjoyed my different twist on my June favourites. Painting and photography is now such a big part of my life I just had to include them this month as June has been particularly creative.

Thanks for reading and do let me know if you have any tips, recommendations or any thoughts on my pieces. 

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