Weekly Round-Up: #50

Another week has flown by and the predominant theme this week has been food! 

Food, Food, Food

This week I have been really enjoying experimenting with cooking and baking. I have particularly enjoyed switching up my favourite meals and recipes to make them dairy and gluten free.

Pasta with lots of melted cheese and creamy sauce is one of my favourite indulgences. It does, however, not agree with me anymore and severely upsets my IBS. I have been testing out various gluten free and dairy free pasta dish recipes and this is by far my favourite – it looks and tastes really indulgent but it’s a lot fewer calories and doesn’t give me stomach cramps.

I have found that my favourite gluten free pasta is this brown rice pasta from waitrose. It is really filling and tastes like regular pasta. I tossed the pasta in a sun dried tomato sauce and poured in some dairy free soy cream by Alpro which gives a really delicious creamy texture and taste without the dairy. I then finished the dish with griddled asparagus tips and gently boiled tenderstem broccoli. This lunch was absolutely delicious and will most certainly be repeated. 

I have also been enjoying having salad for lunch this week and a firm favourite salad accompaniment has been falafel and lentil & bean sprouts. I also topped this salad with a few slithers of smoked soy cheese. This is such a filling, nutritious and nourishing lunch – perfect. 

Wagamama’s & Dixie Strollers

On Friday my boyfriends mum had invited me and my boyfriends brothers girlfriend out for lunch in town and then to see a jazz band called Dixie Strollers. 

We found ourselves in Wagamama’s for lunch. We each ordered a starter and a main each and all shared the starters. The above is the absolutely delicious chicken gyoza. We all really enjoyed these!

These were very spicy crispy prawns. I love spicy food but this sauce had a real kick which caught the back of my throat. The prawns were beautifully cooked and really yummy none-the-less.

This is the crispy duck pancakes with cherry hoisin sauce. I’m not usually a fan of duck but these were exceptional!

For main I ordered the teriyaki chicken. I didn’t realise quite how big the portions would be as I basically had a bowl of sticky rice topped with beautifully marinated and stir fried teriyaki chicken with shredded carrots and water cress. 

This also came with a side of kimchi – something I had never tried before. I loved kimchi, it is basically a Korean delicacy of spiced and fermented cabbage.

After our lunch we made our way to the concert venue in town and queued to see the Dixie Strollers. I really enjoyed watching the band, they were a group of young jazz musicians who were spectacular.

After the concert we decided to have a coffee and a slice of cake. However we found ourselves in Carluccios and instead of coffee & cake I found myself ordering dessert & a gin cocktail! Excellent. The cocktail was a combination of gin, prosecco, apple juice and elderflower which complimented the raspberry meringue & mascapone dessert beautifully. 

This however if where the deliciousness ends. I knew it was a risk eating dairy but I was carried away in the moment and wanted to have the creamy dessert. It was a mistake. All evening and into the night I was bloated and in pain, I couldn’t sleep properly and felt dreadful all day Saturday. Not to self; do not be tempted by dairy!!!

I will however be making lots of these yummy vanilla cupcakes. These delicious cupcakes are gluten, dairy & egg free – perfect vegan recipe. If you missed my blog post on these then check out – Baking: Gluten free, dairy free & egg free vanilla cupcakes. 

Beauty: Nailbox & Golden Paints

I have been loving all things colour and the more bold & vibrant the better this week. So when I received this months Nailbox I was so pleased with the bright tutti frutti themed shades.

If you want to read my full blog post then check out – Nailbox – May 2016: The Unveiling. 

This week I also received my order from Jackson Art Supplies and I couldn’t wait to try out my new professional quality fluid acrylic paints by Golden.

I was blown away by how opaque and vibrant the colour pay off was with each and every colour. They were super blendable and dried quickly.

Thankyou for reading and I hope you have enjoyed my weekly round-up. Let me know your thoughts and comments and if you have any recommendations for me. 


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