Weekly Round-Up: #49

In only a few weeks time it will be the first year anniversary of my Sunday Weekly Round-Up posts & I can’t quite believe it. I really didn’t know how well received my more lifestyle posts would be, but they have proved quite popular & I have really enjoyed writing them and sharing parts of my life with you all. 

This week has been another turbulent week weather wise with hot sun one day and overcast, cold & rain the next! For some reason I have failed to take photos of my food this week but I have continued on my gluten-free, dairy-free diet and have been loving preparing and eating mostly vegetable based meals. 

Eating this way has had a definite positive impact on my IBS. I actually saw a dietician at the hospital this week as my referral had finally come through and she said that I have naturally worked out & eliminated irritant foods from my diet so she was really happy with my progress.

The main themes of my week have been beauty, art and photography related so I hope you enjoy.

Beauty: The Spring Essentials 

It’s been a beauty packed week on the blog with my two part edition of my make up essentials for the spring (and summer) months.

If you missed any of the posts then do click the links Spring Make-Up Essentials. 

No make-up essentials feature would be complete without a run through of my most-reached-for lipsticks. So much so that I just couldn’t narrow my choices down so decided to dedicate a whole post to my Spring Essentials: Lip Edition

I was so inspired by all my swatching that I just had to wear the stunning Firebird lipstick from the Urban Decay & Gwen Stefani range. 

Day Out At The Zoo

On Thursday my great friend Jodie & I went to Banham Zoo for the day. Banham Zoo is in Norfolk and it will always be close to my heart as my mum used to work there for over 30 years and my dad still works there and will retire in July after 50 years of employment! Neither of my parents worked with the animals but as employees they got limited free entry for their family so as a child it felt like we were always in the zoo! 

Jodie & I had been planning our trip to the zoo for a while as we wanted the opportunity to play with our new cameras. Luckily we had picked one of the better days of the week weather-wise as it didn’t rain and it was overcast so not too hot. 

Banham Zoo is set in 50 acres of land on the outskirts of the rural Norfolk village of Banham and has an impressive collection of animals. I was somewhat apprehensive about going to the zoo as I knew it would involve a lot of walking & walking is something I have been struggling with. I did however manage to get around about three-quarters of the zoo before being in too much pain.

I absolutely adore birds and the zoo has a spectacular Bird Of Prey display. There was one in the morning and afternoon in which they fly different birds but we only managed to watch the morning display.

This beautiful Great Grey Owl swooped really low over the crowd; at one point his feathers did actually graze the very top of my head! Such a wonderful bird. 

Apologies for the appalling light (or lack thereof) in this photo as I am still learning about the settings on my camera and I still haven’t got it quite right. I hope you can see that this is a Bald Eagle; such a magnificent bird.

I cannot remember what kind of monkey these ones are but I managed to capture this precious moment of three snoozing together.

This is such a cute animal; the red panda. He was sleeping the whole time we were there so I managed to get this shot.

Now onto the family of Giraffes. I absolutely love watching the giraffes as they are so tall and elegant. Definitely one of my favourite animals. 

This little one decided to come over to Jo & I and have a little chat! He was so adorable.

The above photo just makes me giggle so much. I think it really captures the playful & inquisitive natural of the beautiful giraffe.

Art: Abstract & Giraffe

This week I have been mostly experimenting with texture and mixed media in my art work. The below piece is a work in progress using crackle paste, modelling paste and pebeo oil based ceramic or glass paints.

I was also very inspired by my trip to the zoo and I made an attempt to sketch and capture the essence of the giraffe.

I used inktense blocks and pencils to add layers of colour to the painting. I am liking how it is developing which feels good as I haven’t painted a still life or realistic piece for well over a decade.

I hope you have enjoyed my post, thank you for reading. Do let me know how your week has been and any suggestions or recommendations you have. I love reading and replying to your comments.


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6 responses to “Weekly Round-Up: #49

  1. Your giraffe inspired art is truly amazing Em, I LOVE it huni – such a talented girl!!! That’s so lovely that your mum worked at that zoo and you feel a special connecting to it ❤ The pictures are fabulous!!
    Way to rock such a gorgeous coloured lip, those bright colours always intimidate me but I adore them so so much, you really suit that beautiful colour! Great post lovely lady, always enjoy catch up with you Em XXXXX

    Liked by 1 person

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