Weekly Round-Up: #47

Another week has flown by and it’s been a scorcher here in Suffolk. Last week was really cold and the heating was a must, fast forward a few days and we are trying to cool the house down! 

Whilst it is lovely to see the sun I am very sensitive to changes in temperature and function much better when it is cooler. 

Therefore, I haven’t been enjoying the sun as much as I probably should. Instead, I have been busy creating my latest art work, which leads us neatly onto…..

Art: A Very Large Canvas

I bought this canvas a few months ago with the intention of creating a piece for our bedroom. I have to admit that the sheer size of this canvas has been intimidating me and I had been purposefully avoiding it.

With the sun shining outside I decided this was the perfect opportunity to make a start on this mammoth task. My makeshift art studio is in our kitchen which has two massive windows overlooking the garden so it is a very sunny and peaceful part of the house. 

What’s more, our kitchen needs updating so getting paint on the tiles or cupboards is not a major issue, so it’s the perfect artistic space.

I knew I wanted to paint a large abstract piece with bold colours and lots of textures. Our bedroom is painted blue and has orange, purple and metallic accents so I want to include these types of colours in the piece.

I started off by mixing several acrylic paints together to make this pale blue shade. 

Once dry, I then applied modelling paste, glass bead gel and crackle paste randomly over the canvas using a spatula.

I left the various texture pastes over night to dry and then started to apply layers of metallic gold, acrylic fluid and regular acrylic paint. 

The next stage will be to add more contrast with white and other light colours, before finishing with a layer of various metallics. It will be interesting to see how this turns out!

Beauty: NYX Haul

One evening Dave and I went to a local retail park and it just seemed rude to not pop into Boots

I was so excited to find a new addition to the store – a rather large NYX Cosmetics stand. I picked up this soft matte lip cream & a butter gloss. Check out my First Impressions & Swatches here. 

Food: Experimenting with Dairy-Free

Last week I went to see a food intolerance and sensitivity expert in the hope to find out how I can help my stomach to feel better.

I took a test and it came back that I had severe sensitivities to: cheese, cows milk, sugar, yeast, chocolate, and alcohol. Therefore it was suggested I eliminate some foods from my diet and monitor how I am feeling and my stomach reactions. 

Therefore, this week I have been eating a mostly plant based diet with the odd bit of chicken or fish. I have been really enjoying eating gluten-free bread with mashed avocado. It is not quite a cheese substitute but I do love the creamy taste and texture. I’m sure I’ll be blogging my food journey and I’ll share what has and has not been working for me in due course.

Face swap & Nature

I have rekindled my love of Snapchat this week and Dave and I have been enjoying using the various hilarious filters. None are more laugh-out-loud hilarious than the face swap feature. 

On the left is Daves hair, head & beard with my face in the middle…. Which gives a somewhat gnome-like effect! On the right is my hair, head & glasses with Daves face in the middle – these are very scary photographs! It has been fun messing around with the filters – which is your favourite?

Nature: Nesting Bird?

It wouldn’t be a weekly round-up without an update on the wildlife in the garden! 

This week marks the return of the deer. This time it is less frightened and has been spotted as near to the house as the pond munching on our plants!

During the week we spotted this thrush bird nestled in our front hedge row. I’m not sure whether it is just finding a quiet spot for the night or seeking out potential new nesting places.

I hope you have enjoyed my weekly round-up. Do let me know how your week has been. I love reading and replying to all your comments.

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6 responses to “Weekly Round-Up: #47

  1. Can’t believe it’s Tuesday already and I’m only getting over to catch up now Em!! Gosh how the days are flying by!! Brill week huni… the canvas looks fantastic! Beautiful colours and can’t wait to see it all completed, it’s going to look immense! I wish my boots store stocked NYX but it’s only a local one so would need to pop up to the city centre, where no doubt everything is sold out *sob* On my to do list for a quiet day off 😀 hehe loling so much at that face swap, it’s hilarious – my sis keeps doing it with me in her phone but it’s atrocious! haha Great weekly round up huni 🙂 XXX

    Liked by 1 person

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