Weekly Round-Up: #46


I can’t quite believe that today is May the 1st which means it is the three day May Day bank holiday weekend in England. I’m not quite sure what plans (if any) Dave and I have for Monday but it will be lovely having an extra full day to spend with him. 

Now let’s jump into the highlights of my week!


This week has seen a real burst in my creativity. I’ve been buying lots of new mediums and getting loads of new ideas for my art work which has been fabulous.

I have been experimenting a lot with the oil-based fantasy prisme, moon & vitrail paints by Pebeo.

I absolutely adore the effects that you can achieve with these paints, especially when poured together. What do you think?

Spring: New Beginnings

I created the above piece by applying a generous later of modelling paste to a canvas & whilst still wet using a palette knife to create lines and texture in the paste. Once dry I applied a layer of bronze acrylic paint all over. 

When this had dried I began to gently drip the moon, prisme & vitrail Pebeo paints into the spaces made by the modelling paste and allowed the various paints to mix & mingle. I then left the canvas to dry for three days as the paint takes a long time to completely dry!


The two sections on the left are close ups of the top & bottom of the painting. The section on the right is a photograph of the Mermaid painting in full.

I used professional artist quality paper to create this piece. I prepared the paper by applying frog tape around the edges to create a border. I applied a coat of turquoise acrylic paint followed by a layer of acrylic iridescent medium over the paper.

Once dry I then poured several different colours of the Pebeo fantasy prisme paints onto the paper and physically tilted and moved the paper to encourage the paints to spread and run. Once I was happy with the effect I left to dry and the paints continue to move and blend throughout the drying process. I love the effect this has achieved – it reminds me of a Mermaids tail, hence the title of the painting.


This piece uses a small square canvas board. I started by applying a generous layer of the deep blue Pebeo Vitrail paint in the centre of the board & used the gold Vitrail on the top left & bottom right corners. I used a cocktail stick to gently encourage the pools of vitrail to meet in order to cover the whole of the canvas.

 Then, using a cocktail stick I randomly dropped varying amounts of several different colours of the Pebeo Moon & Prisme paints and allowed to dry. I just love the fluidity and movement in these paints which dry to a high gloss beautiful finish. 

This is my latest canvas which is unfinished but I thought I would share an in progress piece. 

I wanted to experiment with creating different textures and depth into my work. I have used crackle paste by the brand Golden generously around the outer edge/border and used modelling paste and glass bead gel in the centre.

Once dry I made a wash of black paint using a mix of acrylic paint, gloss gel medium & water and washed this over the crackle paste which has soaked into the cracks & given the piece a rather antique look. I then applied colour washes of both green and blue. Be sure to check back next week to see the final piece.

Beauty: Nailbox & April Favourites

It’s been a busy week on my blog with two beauty related posts which have proved rather popular.  

Did you catch my post all about the fabulous April Nailbox? If you missed it check the link? Nailbox: The Unveiling.   


This week also saw me post my monthly beauty favourites. There are some great products in this months favourites including the stunning Coachella Coral lipstick by Charlotte Tilbury. Check it out here: April Favourites: Beauty Edition

Home Life: Food & Garden


This week I have been spotting not one but two beautiful goldfinches feeding in our garden. They are such colourful birds and they always bring a smile to my face. 

This week I have also been enjoying eating lots more griddled halloumi with curried chickpeas and salad. This has been absolutely delicious. A perfect Spring lunch!

I hope you have enjoyed my weekly round-up. Let me know how your week has been, I love reading and replying to your comments. 

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