Birchbox – March 2016: The Unveiling


It’s Birchbox time and this month I am really impressed with the contents – this box definitely put a smile on my face. 

So what was nestled inside for me this month?


Hydraluron – Moisture Boosting Mask (sample size, full size RRP £19.99)

I was so excited to give this a try as I have read so many rave reviews about sheet masks. I actually used this last night and will absolutely be buying more. This sachet contained one mask which you gently place over your clean and dry skin. Gently press in place and leave on for 15 minutes. 

When the mask was on it felt very refreshing and I loved that it wasn’t messy like more traditional clay or cream based masks. This mask is soaked in a hydrating serum solution which also contains hyaluronic acid which claims to release slowly into your skin for longer lasting relief from dryness.

Once I removed the mask and massaged in any remaining serum my skin looked radiant and felt incredible. I used it before going out last night and my make-up applied flawlessly after this mask. A great treat!


The Works – Deep Sleep Pillow Spray (sample size, full size RRP £16)

I do have trouble sleeping so this is the perfect sample for me. I am, however not a fan of lavender so was a bit apprehensive about spritzing this all over my pillow to aid a settled nights sleep. 

The combination of vetivert and camomile softens the lavender for a beautiful soothing scent. I can’t say that this has transformed my disfunctional sleeping pattern but it is lovely to use.


Number 4 – Blow Dry Lotion (sample size, full size RRP £20)

I very rarely blow dry my hair so I’m not sure how much use I will get out of this product. I have however recently had a lot chopped off the length of my hair so this may be good to use as a styling product. 


Amika – Nourishing Mask (sample size, full size £19.99)

As mentioned above I have recently had my long hair chopped down to a shoulder length bob and I have regular highlight colour treatments. This does result in my hair being very dry and prone to split ends so using a regular hair mask is a great idea which I really should be doing! I look forward to giving this a go.

Arrow – Boost Colour Enhancing Lip Balm (full size RRP £11)

I absolutely adore this product and this will definitely be an essential for my handbag. This is a new paraben-free, cruelty-free, vegan brand from Birchbox.

This lip balm is super nourishing and claims to adjust to your pH to create a unique shade to you.

This lipbalm has a subtle minty scent and reminds me of the Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Reviver (click link for full review). 

Both this balm and the Dior one have a similar consistency and adjusts to your pH. I love the Dior one which is quite a hefty investment costing around £24, whereas this one by Arrow is only £11 which is a great more affordable lip balm. 


ModelCo – More Brows (full size RRP £13)

I am always a bit meh about make-up being in my Birchbox as make-up choices are very personal. This brow gel is actually a really good match for me, not too warm and not too ashy. I have used this a few times and it definitely thickens, shapes and holds the brows in place. A great brow gel. Love it.

All-in-all I am really happy with this months box and I will definitely be making purchases of the full size of the sheet mask and getting another lip balm.

Thanks for reading. What did you get in your Birchbox? Let me know if you have tried any of these products, I love reading and replying to your comments. 

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