Weekly Round-Up: #35


I have had another up and down week with my anxiety but I am feeling stronger with each day.

The themes of this week have been creativity, food and make-up!

Creativity: Painting

I was feeling more motivated and energised this week so we made our way to Hobbycraft to buy a few bits to get my creative juices flowing.

I have always enjoyed art and painting in particular but I never seem to find the time or mental space to actually do it. Creativity can be therapeutic so I am hoping this will help in my road to recovery and rejoining life!

 Hobbycraft is such an awesome place if you are into art and crafts – I was like a child in a sweet shop! 

We headed straight upstairs to the acrylic paint section and picked up some supplies.


I bought a pack of 40 acrylic paints for the bargain price of £25, a sketch book and 4 small stretched canvas’s so I can create something personal to hang in our hall way.

I have been experimenting with colour and my paintings tend to be quite abstract. I like how the above piece turned out, particularly the contrast between the copper and the deep blue tones. 

I did find painting rather therapeutic to get absorbed into creating something beautiful. Love it.

Food: Zak’s, Courgetti, Avocado & Eggs, Cookies


After visiting Hobbycraft we decided to treat ourselves to dinner out at Zak’s American Diner near Norwich.

As you can see from the photo above Zak’s have quite an extensive menu which made it really difficult to choose! 


For starter we shared the chilli beef nachos which were very tasty. The chilli beef was slow-cooked and so tender and spicy – just the way I like it.


For main I ordered the Meltdown burger, but I swapped a beef burger for a chargrilled chicken breast topped with crispy bacon, mushrooms and a jalapeño cheese sauce. My Meltdown came with a massive serving of curly fries which I wasn’t quite expecting. I couldn’t finish my meal as it was just too much. The burger was delicious though. 

During the week as I’ve been at home I have been experimenting with different lunches. We recently bought a spiralizer and making courgetti with pesto and cheese has become a firm favourite.


Mashed avocado with scrambled eggs on toast remains a staple in my week – I just can’t get enough of this super filling and nutritious lunch. Yummy. 


On Thursday evening Dave and I had a major sweet craving so I went into the kitchen and created these cookies using the left over ingredients we had.

I mixed together crushed hazelnuts, left over cashew and almond butter, dairy-free sunflower spread, gluten-free flour, cocoa powder, caster sugar and one egg to form a sticky cookie mixture. I then baked spoonfuls of the mixture at 200 oc for 15 minutes. 

These cookies were really tasty and satisfied our sweet craving. Not bad for a mixture I threw together with no measuring or recipe. 

Make-Up: Gwen Stefani Urban Decay

On Saturday we had a lazy day at home so I decided to experiment with some make-up. I enjoyed used my new Maybelline Dream Velvet foundation – check out my Mini Beauty Haul if you missed it and I’m sure I will post a full review soon.

I also loved using my Gwen Stefani Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette – click the link if you missed my first impressions. 

However, the stand out for me was using the sample of the Gwen Stefani Urban Decay lipstick in the shade Firebird. A truly gorgeous fuschia hot pink lipstick with hints of blue shimmer. I totally fell in love with the colour and creamy formula – so much so that I went online and ordered this lipstick and another from the collection! I will be posting how I created this make-up look during the week so keep checking back if your interested.

I hope you have enjoyed my weekly round-up. What have you been up to this week? I love reading and replying to your comments. 


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