It’s All About The Make-Up Brush Cleaning! 


I have to admit I am not the best at remembering to wash my make-up brushes and sponges. I am lazy – I’ve admitted it, I am a lazy beauty addict! 

It is only since entering the world of blogging that I have started to own make-up applying utensils… I used to use mineral powder foundation which came with a brush and would use the applicator which came with the eyeshadows I purchased. I can’t quite believe how my make-up game has been transformed over the past six months or so.

I initially attempted to wash my brushes with antibacterial hand soap but it didn’t get them totally clean so I searched the blogosphere for an answer – Baby Shampoo!

I picked up this Baby Shampoo by Very British Baby in the supermarket as it was on offer and the packaging intrigued me more than the family favourite by Johnson’s.

This has a lovely comforting clean baby powder scent, is paraben free and really gentle on the skin (or synthetic make-up brush bristles!). 

I apply a tiny drop to a damp brush and swirl the brush head around in my open palm allowing the shampoo time to foam and loosen any make-up residue. I then run the brush head under warm running water ensuring I don’t flood the brush so that water doesn’t get into the handle as water can get trapped and cause the brush to shed its bristles.

I will repeat the shampoo step if needed and ensure all make-up or shampoo residue is rinsed out of the brush before leaving the brush to air dry for at least 24hrs.

The black make-up brush wallet/stand which accompanied some of my Real Techniques make-up brush purchases is great for keeping the brushes secure whilst they air dry.


This is the finished result; perfectly clean make-up brushes!

I try to do this at least once a week but this doesn’t always happen!

How do you have clean your make-up brushes? What do you use to wash them? I love reading and replying to your comments.


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13 responses to “It’s All About The Make-Up Brush Cleaning! 

  1. I find baby shampoo works the best but if I can’t get all the product removed I used to shampoo on the back of my hand with a dry makeup brush and I find they clean better that way😊 xx

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  2. Aren’t we all just lazy when it comes to brush cleaning? I know I am 😉 I use a baby shampoo just like you, the smell just evokes such great memories and it works like a charm.

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