My Birthday Wishlist


Today marks that mid-week slump aka hump day, so for today’s post I thought I would try something different. I needed a mid-week pick-me-up so thought I would share with you my birthday wish list as its my birthday on the 6th of October. I also hope my boyfriend David reads this and picks up a few hints! Hint hint.

I also started a Birthday Wishlist Board on my Pinterest – if you’re interested you can check it out here. But I thought I would do a blog post on it too! 

There is a definite Cath Kidston/Charlotte Tilbury theme to my wish list. Let’s jump in!

Charlotte Tilbury

I have been lusting over all of the Charlotte Tilbury make-up products ever since stumbling into the blogosphere!  
I have read and watched many a blogger and vlogger waxing lyrical about the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks, especially the matte revolution range. I, however really want to try a lipstick from the K.I.S.S.I.N.G : Fallen from the lipstick tree range and this stunning Coachella Coral shade looks just the perfect pinky peachy lipstick for me. 

Next up, something for the eyes. I have a hazel eye colour which have hints of green and gold in certain angles.

The cream eyeshadow Eyes to Mesmerise range have been raved about in the blogosphere since their launch and this shade Bette has been a firm blogger/vloggers favourite. This is a absolutely stunning burnt gold colour which I think will really compliment my eye colour. Gorgeous.

Cath Kidston

I have been an avid fan and collector of the Cath Kidston range for many years. I love the delicate and quirky designs, especially the animal or prints for children rather than the florals. This handbag however has changed my mind on florals!

This Oxford Rose Embossed print handbag is absolutely beautiful. I just adore the deep blues and greens accented by the yellow and orange toned roses. This handbag is also a perfect size for work with enough room to store all of my stuff.

I really want a sausage dog but it’s just not the right time in our life to have enough time for a dog. So the new sausage dog range from Cath Kidston is the next best thing! I love the cute print, especially the mug as I love the design of the large mugs – they make the perfect indulgent cuppa. The sausage dog pencil case is just so adorable I thought it would go well with my new bag… hint hint!

Shu Umerma: Eyelash Curlers


I have a love/hate relationship with eyelash curlers. I love the effect they give to my lashes but hate the way the actual curlers don’t last. For some reason I am forever buying new eyelash curlers or stocking up on the rubber pad. These eyelash curlers are supposed to be a game changer. They are expensive but supposed to last for ages. I need to give these a try!

Jo Malone   

 I love candles and am a firm lover of all things Yankee Candles however I want to branch out and try other premium candle brands. Jo Malone please step forward. Again, I have been inspired by the blogosphere with these candles, I don’t particularly mind which scent, I just want to try the candles for quality.

Next up is the Blackberry & Bay cologne which I have never tried but I definitely like the sound of it. I’m sure this will be my kind of fragrance. Really want to try anything by Jo Malone. To me this signifies grown-up perfume, not avaliable in Boots/Superdrug – only in high end department stores. I am a proper grown-up now so I need some Jo Malone in my life!

Have you tried any of the things on my birthday wish list? I love reading and replying to your comments.  

Disclaimer: All photos used in this blog post are either sourced from Pinterest or the Cath Kidston website. 


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