Weekly Round-Up: #14


It’s that time of the week again, can’t quite believe we are nearly mid way through September! This marks less than a month until my birthday!!! Yay! I had hoped to be in our new home by then but I can’t count on it. Our house move is in the hands of the solicitors and the weeks keep ticking on by… with lots of silence… I’ve been told by others that this is a good sign, silence and then lots of movement happens quickly. So I’m being optimistic that we will be in by the 6th October *fingers crossed*.

The dominant themes of this week have been, yes you’ve guessed it, food, house clearing, and autumn!

Food: Arbuckles & Weight Watchers

This week marked the second week on the Weight Watchers (WW) plan and so far I have lost nearly 4lbs which I’m pleased with. I am feeling much better in myself since following the WW plan and so far it has been really easy. I’ve eaten meals out, chocolate, frozen yogurt, homemade tacos and biscuits and still lost weight. As long as you count your points the plan will work. Super impressed so far.

So on Saturday after moving more boxes to the storage unit we dropped into Arbuckles  near Downham Market. This was our first experience of Arbuckles and we were not disappointed. Friendly staff and delicious food with an American theme. Love it.

 I started with ordering an Americano coffee and Vegetable Tempura. I was surprised with the selection of lightly battered vegetables – peppers, carrots, baby sweet corn and courgette. The dipping sauce was also delicious, beautifully sweet yet with a kick of spice. Yummy!

For main I ordered the Jumbo Prawn & Chicken Gumbo which came with a side of rice and ciabatta bread. This was absolutely delicious, a delicate balance of big southern Cajun flavours in the Gumbo – prawns, chicken, chorizo, sweet potato, celery, peppers in a stew-like broth. I couldn’t eat all the rice and in my opinion it wasn’t really needed. We were so full after this that we passed on dessert. 

House Clearing: Trips to the Storage Unit

Each evening after work we have been sorting through the stuff in our house. We have a substantial pile of stuff for the tip which we have to negotiate a path around in our lounge. Sunday we are going to the tip – Dave takes me to all the best places! 

On Saturday we took another trip to the storage container we rented last week… As you can see below Dave’s car was rather loaded up with boxes!


Autumn: Autumn Nails & Autumn Countryside

Autumn is my favourite time of year. I have been loving experimenting with more Autumnal shades of nail polish. This week I have been mostly wearing two different shades from the Tanya Burr nail polish range: New York Night & Penguin Chick. If you missed my post on New York Night check it out here


Above is a sneek peak of the very wearable and autumn ready grey toned Penguin Chick nail polish from the Tanya Burr Cosmetics range. I will be posting a full first impressions soon so stay tuned! 

I just had to pull over in the car on Saturday and take a snap of this beautiful September sunshine. One of my good friends is getting married on the 26th so I hope this lovely weather continues.

 The above photo is of one of the trees outside our house. The leaves are starting to transform through the beautiful autumnal green, yellow, orange, red colours before being shed for another year.

I hope you have enjoyed my weekly round-up. This week hasn’t been the most eventful! What is your favourite thing about autumn? I love reading and replying to your comments.


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