Weekly Round-Up: #13

This week marks the start of September and the transition to my favourite season: Autumn!

I absolutely love everything about autumn in the UK. I love the cold weather, I love the deeper, darker make-up trends, I love wearing scarves and layers, I love the leaves falling from the trees and most of all I love October – October is the best month of the year because it is my birthday month. This week I have started a Pinterest board of my Birthday Wishlist as a not-so-subtle hint to my boyfriend which he is refusing to look at. To be honest he is always very good at picking super thoughtful presents so I will just have to be patient and see. 

The themes of this week have been family, house packing and cleaning, food (of course) and rocking a darker berry toned lip.


Monday was a bank holiday so it was lovely to have an extra-long weekend. We had a chilled morning on Monday sorting stuff in the house and then went over to my parents for dinner and a catch up. 


You can’t beat a cup of tea your mum made 😊. Just perfect. We also visited Dave’s family yesterday and I enjoyed a latte made by his dad – also delicious!  


House Moving: Preparation

On Wednesday Dave’s parents came over to help us get all the boxes down from the loft to sort out ready for our move. We have yet to be given an exchange and complete date – we are however, in the final stretch so will hear any day now and there is a LOT to get sorted! In my opinion Dave struggles to get rid of ‘things’. I moved into his house just over a year ago, therefore all of my house has been sorted/thrown away. His stuff has yet to be sorted.  


The photo above is of half of the contents of the loft in the spare room ready to sort through. 


Whilst sorting through Dave’s collection of Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Dr. Who, Lego and various vintage computer consoles and memorabilia we stumbled across a handful of very old mobile phone handsets. This Ericsson phone brought back memories of my teenage years! This was the height of sophiscation in the late 90’s/early 00’s – this phone sported colour co-ordinated and interchangeable keyboard fascias and aerial rings. This could also double up a arm work-out as the phone is very heavy compared to my iPhone! Oh the memories of texting up to 160 characters – having to be frugal and creative with your spelling. 

Dave managed to sort out several boxes so on Saturday we hired a self storage container to help with our house move. This reminded me so much of the American show Container Wars!

After sorting out the storage we headed for some lunch at a local Hungry Horse. I was so hungry I forgot to take a photo! I ordered the chicken skewers with a BBQ glaze with red onions and peppers and a side of salad and chips. It was lovely, too nice to wait to take a photo.

Beauty: Deep Berry Lips & Make-Up Brush Cleaning

 With the changing of seasons I have been reaching for more autumnal appropriate colours which I just adore. 

These two lipsticks have been firm favourites in my handbag this week. The beautiful Love Pop by Clinique is a lovely deep berry colour with a hint of gold shimmer. I love the formula of these lipsticks, hydrating, super pigmented and are long lasting. For my review of the Clinique Pop Lipsticks click here.

My other go-to lipstick this week has been the stunning Mehr by MAC. For my full MAC Haul and First Impressions check it out here. Mehr is a gorgeous matte pink shade with a hint of berry. Both lipsticks are perfect for the transition to Autumn and I’m sure will remain firm staples in the coming months.

On Saturday also marked make-up brush cleaning day. I have to admit, I have been slacking with this recently. It has been a few weeks since I last had a proper deep clean of my make-up brushes and over the past week my skin has been breaking out and being really difficult! I have also been trying some new skincare products which I don’t think have been agreeing with my sensitive skin, but using dirty make-up brushes wasn’t very helpful either. 


A few months ago I picked up this gentle baby shampoo from Waitrose and it makes cleaning my brushes and sponges a breeze. 

It has a really soft baby scent and a tiny amount is all that is needed to get all the product, dirt and grime out of my brushes. Once they are all cleaned I leave them to air dry for at least 24 hours as Sunday is no-make-up day. 

 There has been a lot of heavy rain showers this week and on Wednesday we experienced a particular torrential rain storm followed by the sun and I manage to capture this beautiful rainbow which coincided with the end of the working day. It definitely put a smile on my face 😊.

I hope you have enjoyed my weekly round up. Do you have any autumnal make up must-haves? Any tips for moving house? I love reading and replying to your comments.

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    • Aww thank you, I am hoping they will be more interesting once I actually move house, which should be soon *fingerscrossed*. I am so pleased I picked up Love Pop a few months ago as it is such a beautiful berry colour xx

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