Weekly Round-Up: #12

So we are at the end of another week and nearing the end of the summer. This week has been a complete mismatch of weathers – hot summer climes one day and torrential rain with flooding and difficult driving conditions the next! 

The themes of this week have been food, friends and dealing with the aftermath of the flooding. 

Flooding: Flat Tyre 

 The photo above is of me and my partner waiting in Kwik Fit for them to examine my flat tyre. 

This happened as I was driving through flash flooded roads in torrential rain. The rain was so heavy that even with my wiper speed on full I still couldn’t clear the water fast enough from my windscreen resulting in poor visibility and driving through wide expanses of flooded rural roads and I caught my tyre on a sharp stone. 

Luckily I managed to get home fine with just an amber warning light signalling low tyre pressures. However in the morning I was greeted with a totally deflated tyre! My partner managed to pump it up so I could make the very short journey to Kwik Fit and get it sorted – thank you David 😊.

Food: ASK Italian 


On Wednesday evening we decided to have dinner at ASK Italian. I am a huge fan of Italian food, however I prefer Prezzo or Carluccios as we have been to ASK once before and I wasn’t impressed with the slow service.

We did share a starter of Fritto Misto which was a selection of lighted coated white bait, courgettes, peppers and calamari rings. However we were so hungry I forgot to take a photo!

I ordered the Ravioli Marittimi for main which is a lovely fish pasta dish – ‘Ravioli stuffed with crayfish, crab, salmon and ricotta in a creamy tomato sauce. Topped with a king prawn in its shell.‘ This was delicious and super filling – no room left for dessert.

The restaurant was busy and seemed to be lacking in staff. We sat near the window and entrance and we noticed an older woman with a walking frame loitering and looking at the window – we thought she was trying to read the menu. However after a few minutes we realised she was in fact ringing the doorbell for assistance, which she had done several times as she was unable to use the entrance as the door opened outwards. My partner got up and gestured to her that we were going to help and alerted staff. 

A staff member assisted her in and seated her to dine with no thank you comment or explanation to us as to why she had been left waiting outside. The service we had experienced in general on this evening was poor, we had to wait a long time between courses and had to keep getting the attention of staff to clear the table, refill drinks and to offer and supply condiments. To top it off our table was very sticky to start off with! The food was lovely but I am not a fan of ASK

Friends: Picnic & Play!


On Saturday my best friend Steph, her husband Stephen and their incredible children Taylor and Joshua came to visit. 

We decided to find a nice spot in the West Suffolk countryside to have a picnic. As you can see from the photos above we had gorgeous sunny weather and the countryside was so peaceful and tranquil. 

Well I say peaceful…. We initially found a secluded picnic bench tucked away under some trees, proceeded to unpack our lunch and tuck in when a couple of wasps decided to join our picnic… followed by a few more. 

I cannot stand wasps, they usually send me into a screaming quivering frenzy! However in the prescense of young children I was impressed with my level of control. Steph, Taylor and I walked off calmly to more open ground whilst the men and little Joshua packed up the picnic, encouraged the wasps away and joined us to start the picnic round 2!

We had a lovely day spending time together. We don’t get to see each other as often as we like as life and distance gets in the way. Steph and I met at university some 12 years ago and our friendship has been solid ever since. I am planning on writing a surviving university type post soon as I have been reflecting on our journey through the ups and downs of uni life recently – keep checking back if your interested in reading this type of post!

I hope you have enjoyed my weekly round-up. Let me know what you’ve been doing this week, I love reading and replying to your comments.


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