Real Neat Blog Award Nomination 

Thank you to the lovely Skye over at Pretty Pink Possom for the nomination for the Real Neat Blog Award. If you haven’t checked out her blog before then what are you waiting for? Head on other here

These awards are great to support other bloggers and a great way to get to know each other more. 


1. Put the award logo on your blog

2. Answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you

3. Thank the person who nominated you, linking to their blog

4. Nominate any bloggers you want to, linking to their blog

5. let the know you nominated them by commenting on their blog etc

Now for the Questions & Answers!

1. If you could only pick one makeup product to use, for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Definitely a lipbalm or a really nourishing lipstick!

2. Theres a fire and you need to leave your room immediately, what’s the first thing you grab?

This is a difficult one! But probably my phone so I can ring for help and check on my friends and family.

3. What is your favourite type of pizza?

I love a stone baked base topped with mushrooms, pineapple, ham and lots of cheese. Yummy!

4. What time of day do you feel most inspired to write your blog posts?

I tend to write in the evenings and at the weekend as this is when I feel most inspired to write.

5. What is your favourite magazine?

I don’t tend to buy magazines (unless they have decent freebies!) I do however love reading blogs and watching YouTubers to keep up to date with beauty news. Work wise I do regularly read Community Care which I mostly read online.

6. Savoury or sweet?

Definitely sweet – I have a huge sweet tooth! Give me chocolate over crisps anyday!

7. Heels or flats?

I love the look of heels and do own several pairs, however I just cannot walk in them so I would have to say flats all the way.


I love reading so many blogs that I am struggling to nominate a handful of great bloggers. So I nominate anyone who is reading this – I nominate you for the Real Neat Blog Award. Just remember to let me know you have taken the award 😊

Hope you have enjoyed – and do let me know if you take the award!


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