Mani Monday: Essie Peach Side Babe Nail Polish

Last week I bought two new Essie nail polishes: Bikini So Teeny and this creamy pastel apricot colour called Peach Side Babe. If you missed my Bikini So Teeny post check it out here and these Essie polishes as part of my latest beauty haul here.  

 I have been loving these pale opaque pastel nail polish colours over the summer months – they have been a very different departure from my usual staple bold pillar box red nail polish colour. 

Peach Side Babe is a beautiful creamy peach shade which only needed two coats to create this flawless bright opaque look. The polish consistency was rather thick so I applied two thin coats to build up the coverage. I am a massive fan of Essie nail polishes – they have a great range of colours, great quality and very affordable.

What do you think? Do you have a favourite nail polish that I should try? I love reading and replying to your comments. 


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