Weekly Round-Up: #11

So this week has been typical of the classic British Summertime. Miserable with wind & rain and had me nearly reaching to turn the heating on one minute to 28oc, sunny, hot and swelteringly humid the next! 

Food as always has been a big theme this week. Earlier in the week when I thought summer was over and my beloved autumn was here I needed something hot and spicy to tickle my tastebuds. I absolutely love hot and spicy food, my partner Dave however is not so keen so we compromised on making chicken Taco’s. 


We picked up this great kit to try in the supermarket produced by Old El Paso – the Chicken Tinga Soft Taco Kit. You basically poach some chicken breasts in water combined with the spice mix and onions until cooked, then shred the cooked chicken breasts and return to the sauce creating a delicious pulled chicken mix. I also fried some peppers in fry light and added salad leaves and light creme fraiche to make the tacos. A super quick and healthy mix which was absolutely delicious. I loved it but my partner did find it quite spicy!

At the weekend we decided to head to the coast as Saturday was going to be a very hot day so we hoped the coast would be cooler as I do not do well in the hot humid temperatures.  


 For lunch we went the The Jolly Sailors pub right on the sea front at Pakefield near Lowestoft in Suffolk. It has beautiful views of the sea, beach and the cliffs in the distance. The food was also lovely.

I ordered the hot salmon salad which was yummy. I love smoked salmon fillets and this dish did not disappoint. The salad leaves were dressed in a spicy dressing which was delicious. Just enough for a quick light lunch.

We then ventured to the retail parks as I didn’t have the energy to walk around town. For the past few weeks I have been loving watching the series on TV about the Pound Shop Wars and every time I watch it I have a craving to look in a pound shop so I just had to peruse around Poundland!

I was really impressed when I saw the make up counter and just couldn’t refuse these three nail polishes – you guessed it for only £1 each! There was an impressive range of nail polish colours on offer but I decided on the lovely pale mint green called Mint Milkshake, gorgeous deep green called True Teal and this shimmery berry shade called Scarlet Sparkle.


I look forward to trying these out and letting you know how I get on – you can’t go wrong for a £1!

 We then drove further up the coast to the secluded and quiet beach in North Lowestoft. It has a stunning sandy beach, perfect for long walks or to make sand castles! It is so peaceful and relaxing just to have a little wander and take in the beautiful view.

We then drove further up the coast to Great Yarmouth to get an Icecream as we knew there would be a classic Icecream van in the quiet part of the town away from the hustle and bustle of the seafront. 


 These Icecream cones actually had not one but two flakes! They were epic Icecreams and really helped to cool us down on the hot sunny day. Perfect. 

We then popped in to see my parents and I took some photos of the beautiful flowers in their garden which I wanted to share with you all. Aren’t they just lovely!  



I absolutely love the bold and bright colours, they are so beautiful. I have no idea what type of flower they are – I am a complete gardening novice! I am however looking forward to moving to our new home which has a massive garden and learning about plants and flowers!

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks round-up! Let me know your thoughts and what you have been up to this week! I love reading and replying to your comments.


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11 responses to “Weekly Round-Up: #11

  1. Hey 🙂

    Oh my gosh, you just made me even more hungry than I already was! 😀
    That food looks incredible – all of it! And the ice cream, oh my… :3

    Love the photos you took, they are so good! 🙂

    Lovely post!

    Have a nice day. 🙂


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