It’s All About The Eton Mess! 

So I thought I would share another foodie post with you all. I love being in the kitchen and I find cooking and baking not only creative but extremely relaxing and therapeutic – I cannot wait until we get into our new home where I will have a much larger kitchen in much need of renovation so I can eventually get my dream kitchen! If you missed my It’s All About The Butterfly Buns baking post then check it out here

For those of you who have not heard of this absolutely delicious dessert called Eton Mess it is basically crunchy meringues, soft whipped double cream, and soft summer fruits – strawberries and raspberries work really well. Scrumptious!

Meringue Recipe 

4 large egg whites (I prefer free range organic eggs at room temperature)

115g caster sugar (either white caster sugar or you can use golden caster sugar to get a more golden coloured meringue)

115g icing sugar (or you can use all caster sugar, however I like to use icing sugar as it makes a more fluffy and light meringue)

 4 egg white in a ceramic mixing bowl

Make sure you use a clean mixing bowl and steer clear of plastic bowls as they tend to attract grease which will prevent the egg whites whisking properly.

I used an electric hand mix to whisk the egg whites until they were light, fluffy and resembled a cloud texture – see photo below.

Next add a tablespoon of caster sugar and whisk on a high speed ensuring the sugar is completely combined before adding the next spoonful. Repeat until all the caster sugar has been fully whisked in. The mixture should look smooth and super glossy – see photo below. 

Then sift a third of the icing sugar into the meringue mixture and carefully fold using a metal spoon to incorporate. Repeat until all the icing sugar has been mixed into the meringue – be careful not to over mix or knock out the air. The mixture should look soft, light, fluffy and super shiny.

   Dollop generous spoonfuls of the meringue onto a lined baking tray. I tend to spray the baking tray with a light oil spray like Fry Light to stop the meringues from sticking to the parchment paper.

Place in a cool oven at 100oc for a fan oven for around 90mins or longer, until the meringues look crisp, and slightly golden – see photo below. Then leave to cool on a cooling tray or I tend to leave them in the turned off oven.

Whisk 200ml of double cream until it is soft and able to take its own weight – be very careful not to over whisk as the cream will turn into stiff lumps and eventually butter! Not good for an Eton Mess!

Crumble the mini meringues into the whisked cream mix and gently fold in chopped soft fruit – I went for yummy strawberries. 

Once all the ingredients have been evenly mixed the finished result should look something like the photo below! Scrumptious Eton Mess! Absolutely delicious 😊


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