MAC Mini Haul: Mehr and Vegas Volt Lipsticks

I finally took the plunge and purchased these two gorgeous MAC lipsticks from my wish list! If you missed my wishlist check it out here.

I am still a newbie to the world of lipsticks, for years preferring a hydrating lipbalm or a slick of lipgloss rather than wearing colour on my lips. However since starting my blog I now have quite an established collection of lipsticks and love all the different textures, shades, finishes and looks you can achieve for your lips.

The range and sheer number of lipsticks available by MAC can be bamboozling – certainly is for a relevant newbie like me as I’m still learning what colours and finishes I like.

Vegas Volt and Mehr are now welcome companions to Twig bringing my MAC lipstick collection to a respectable three. If you missed my Twig review check it out here.  



I have been lusting after Mehr for a while, especially watching one of my favourite YouTubers Lily Pebbles raving about and rocking the Mehr lip!   

Mehr is a beautiful your-lips-but-better nude pink shade with a matte finish. This is my first MAC matte lipstick I’ve tried, it glides on really smoothly as it has a creamy velvet texture which is super pigmented. Being a matte shade it has great lasting time on the lips so no needs for numerous touch ups. 

I did find this rather drying on the lips, however I am still new to lipsticks in general and I do have skin which is very dry so a matte formula was never going to be the best match for me. However, if I prepare my lips well by using a good scrub and applying lashings of lip balm under Mehr it feels dry but it isn’t uncomfortable to wear. A beautiful everyday colour.

Vegas Volt


 I am so glad I decided to get hold of this truly stunning bright coral shade Vegas Volt. This has an amplified creme finish which means it is super glossy, creamy and packs a punch with gorgeous pigmented colour! I am so in love with this lipstick. Yes it is bold but I think it is super wearable and when paired with a coral blush could be worn everyday – perfect for work and play!

I personally much prefer this amplified creme finish compared to the Mehr matte and Twig satin finishes. Vegas Volt is so beautifully glossy and hydrating, so comfortable to wear. 

This does need topping up throughout the day to ensure it is still looking fresh and even. However after a couple of hours of wear the glossiness does disappear leaving a beautiful coral stain to the lips.

I do love both of these lipsticks but definitely want to try more of the amplified creme or more glossy finishes.

Let me know what you think. I love reading and replying to your comments.


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