Weekly Round-Up: #8

It seems like yesterday I was writing my Weekly Round-Up: # 7 – if you missed it last week check it out here

Beauty – End Of No Spending July

This week has flown by so so quickly I can’t quite believe it’s August already!! In July I put myself on a self-imposed spending ban on purchasing any extra beauty/make-up related items. At first it was tough as not only am I a blogger I am also an avid fan of reading other blogs and watching beauty YouTubers so I am always finding new beauty items I want to try! In order to endure the spending ban I have been compiling a rather long list of beauty items I want to get hold of. This process has definitely made me think and consider my beauty purchases more. 

We went to Wilko on Saturday as I wanted to pick up some paint colour charts to get some ideas for decorating our new home and I stumbled across the Essence make up stand. 

I have tried one nail polish by Essence which I got in a Glossybox which I was rather impressed with. I have also read a few blog posts about the great value and quality of Essence so I thought I would pick up a new lipstick to try.  


 I swatched a few and was impressed with the pigmentation and texture. There was a choice between matte or long lasting finishes of these lipsticks and I stumped for this creamy nude mauve shade called ‘come naturally’. I seem to have a lot of these shades of lipsticks in my collection and this one is lovely! It is super hydrating, feels almost like a balm on the lips. Great pigmentation which leaves a beautiful sheen on your lips, I have worn this most of Saturday and it did need a few touch ups to keep it looking even and fresh. This lipstick only set me back £2.30! Yes £2.30!! Definitely the cheapest lipstick I own but it is great quality.

I love painting my nails so have been rocking this look below.

I’m going to do a full post about this nail look during the week so keep checking back!

Food: Avocado & Eggs, Home-made Lasagne, Sushi


Food is always a staple theme in my weekly round-ups. I love food, I love eating and especially love baking, cooking and creating delicious meals. 

This week I have loved to eat avocado and scrambled eggs – a quick, filling and nutritious breakfast. Yummy.

I also made a delicious lasagne which has lasted for a few days as it was so filling. I love to make lasagne the night before and leave it to set in the fridge overnight ready to reheat and cook through for dinner the following day. This gives the pasta sheets time to soften by soaking up all the delicious flavours. Love lasagne!

When I was shopping in Lidl I stumbled across this intriguing packet of frozen sushi. I love sushi and was very apprehensive about what this would taste like. I was very pleasantly surprised and impressed. I defrosted this in the fridge overnight and it was perfect to have for lunch the next day. It was the same quality and beautiful subtle flavours as any sushi I have bought elsewhere but at a fraction of the cost. I would definitely be searching for this again! 

House Moving Update

 Just a quick update on our house moving. The sold board when up on the home we want to buy and our mortgage has all been agreed so now it’s a waiting game with the solicitors but hopefully it won’t be too much longer!

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks round-up. I enjoy writing these, however I am thinking of reducing them down to either twice a month or even once a month. Let me know your thoughts and any comments or suggestions. I love reading and replying to your comments.


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7 responses to “Weekly Round-Up: #8

  1. I’m intrigued by the frozen sushi! How much was it?

    Never tried an Essence lipstick but I also received one of their nail varnishes as part of Glossybox. Unfortunately it wasn’t my colour but the colour you got looks beaut! I think I’ll be heading to Wilkos!

    Blogger & The Geek

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