Review – Barely: Prep, Blot and Blend 

I was so excited to receive my July Birchbox or should I say BirchBAG last week – it’s the lets splash edition and I have been loving experimenting with all the products so far – check out my full first impressions post here

This blending sponge by brand Barely was a Birchbox extra and I just love it! I have yet to use a Beauty Blender or Real Techniques Blending Sponge so I cannot compare this little sponge to these major heavyweights in the world of make-up utensils in the quest to achieve the illusion of perfect flawless skin; this little sponge has, however been a game changer for me – I am so impressed!

In the description booklet in the BirchBAG this sponge details itself as perfect for achieving a flawless base – suggesting it is used for applying skin priming products, the step to prepare your skin before make up.

I have to admit I have not been using this cute little sponge for this purpose entirely. In this ridiculously humid weather we have been having here in the UK I have been trying to use a light make-up base as this heat just melts my face!! I have been mixing the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm with the Bourjois CC Cream to create my own version of a tinted moisturiser – I apply this using my (clean) fingers and have been finishing off the blending with this little sponge – all you need to do is bounce the little sponge over your skin to achieve perfect, flawless results. It is incredible! And so quick – much faster application compared to using a brush.

I have also been using this adorable sponge to blend in my concealer which it achieves with no fuss – crease free, flawlessly blended concealer!

The above photo is of some concealer I have blended with my finger and the sponge on the back of my hand.

Left side – blended with my finger, you can see some tide lines where it is not fully blended.

Right side – blended with the sponge – absolutely flawless.

I am really thinking about investing in a full size Beauty Blender type product to apply my foundation – do you have any suggestions? Have you used anything from the Barely range? I love reading and replying to your comments. 

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5 responses to “Review – Barely: Prep, Blot and Blend 

  1. Great post Em! I haven’t actually used this little sponge yet but sounds like I need to! I do really love the real techniques complexion sponge though it’s a good alternative to the original beauty blender 🙂 xx

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  2. I loved this month’s Birchbox too, but was a little disappointed because I didn’t get this sponge in my bag! I’m a hugeee fan of my beauty blender, and this looks and sounds really similar. I love using my beauty blender damp as it gives such a great flawless effect. Great review! x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula

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