Weekly Round Up: #6 

Yes, it’s that time of the week again for my weekly round up! This week has flown by and has been very busy again with work and house stuff. Lots of phone calls, emails and requests for paperwork and documents regarding our house sale and house purchase has resulted in one very frustrated and stressed boyfriend! I thought I would be the one getting stressed but I have been rather chilled about it!

The main themes of this week have been food (as always!), beauty and getting my hair cut dramatically shorter!

Food: Minions, Chocolate and Lunch Out

So this week has been very hot and I really struggle in this humid weather so keeping cool is a must. I have found eating ice creams and ice pops a great and not to forget tasty way to cool down. 

Mini Magnum: Almond 

 Minions: Lemon Ice Pop

These yummy little treats are just great. I love Magnum Icecreams and these mini magnums are just perfect as they are just the right size for a tasty treat which isn’t too calorific! 

I saw these Minion Ice Pops in Aldi and couldn’t resist as they looked so cute – yes I was sucked in by the marketing as taste wise these aren’t the best. Full of colourings and additives and the lemon flavouring is very artificial. Not the best quality product, but hits the spot at keeping you cool!

When we were in Aldi I just had to buy this lovely bar of chocolate – definitely one of my favourites! I love rum and raisin flavours and this is just so yummy. Definitely worth trying!

On Saturday lunch time Dave and I met up with my great friend Louise and her partner Nick for some food at Alder Carr Farm Shop & Barn Café not far from Ipswich. I’ve been there once before and the food was incredible. It’s a lovely little café serving home cooked quality local food. I chose the bubble and squeak, ham, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. Variations of this meal seems to be my go to choice when eating out at the moment! This was absolutely delicious as expected. Yummy!

Beauty: Glossybox, Nails, MAC Wishlist

I am getting through #NoSpendingJuly and it’s been tough! This week was sweetened by receiving this months Glossybox in the post on Friday. Check out my full unveiling post here. I have justified my beauty box subscriptions as not being part of July’s beauty spending ban as they were not ‘extras’ as I had already paid for them. This months Glossybox had some lovely French skincare products in which I am already enjoying using.


I love painting my nails and trying out different colours and yesterday I gave the Ciaté nail colour and top coat duo which I got free in this months Marie Claire magazine a whirl. The neon orange polish is called Cha Cha Cha and comes with a black light top coat which I can only assume suggests it glows in black light?! It is a beautifully bold neon orange and much brighter than my usual nail colour choices but lovely nonetheless.

As a result of this months self-imposed spending ban on extra beauty purchases I have been keeping a rather extensive beauty wish list so as a means to remember what I have been lusting over and (may) need to buy in August! 

MAC lipsticks were featured heavily on this wishlist so I decided to write a blog post about it – check out my MAC Lipstick Wishlist here. I cannot buy all five I have mentioned, but definitely one or two will be purchased after the end of July!

Hair Cut!


Believe it or not I am not a fan of going to the hair dressers. As a youngster hairdressers just didn’t know what to do or how to cut and style my very thick and naturally wavy hair; leaving me with many a haircut disaster as a child and teenager!

For years I avoided the hairdresser, only venturing in when I really really had to. However since moving in with Dave I have found a really good hairdresser who knows what works with my hair.

I had my usual highlights and a substantial amount of the length chopped off my hair as it was getting too long and making me so so hot in this humid weather we’ve been having. I like how it has turned out. I wear my hair up in a pony tail or bun a lot and I can just about hold it up with the support of some grips. Perfect for the summer months.

Let me know what you think. I love reading and replying to all your comments.


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