No Spending July: MAC Lipstick Wish List


So as you all probably know I have decided to put myself on a spending ban when it comes to purchasing any extra beauty or make-up related products for the whole month of July.

It’s approximately half way through the month and the only way I have been able to manage this spending ban is to keep an extensive wish list so I can remember what I want to buy come August!

So far this month I have been lusting over several MAC lipsticks. I only have the pleasure of owning one MAC lipstick in the dusky pink with a hint of brown shade Twig which has a long lasting satin finish. Twig is definitely getting lonely and in need of some more MAC friends! Check out my full review of Twig here.

The lovely Lucie over at LucieLeannexo gave me the great idea to write a MAC lipstick wish list post – check her out if you haven’t already, she has a great blog with a variety of beauty and lifestyle posts as well as making some great YouTube videos! 

So here is my MAC Lipstick Wishlist (disclaimer: all images are not my own, all sourced from Google Images).


I love pink rosy lipsticks and Mehr is particularly beautiful. YouTuber and Vlogger Lily Pebbles has been raving about this gorgeous lipstick for a while now, it looks so pretty on her, it’s such a beautiful nude with a soft rosy hue – perfect; I need it in my collection.

This shade is described as a dirty blue pink and has a matte finish. I have yet to try a MAC matte finish lipstick so I do really want this one in my life! 

Peach Blossom

  This has a cremesheen finish and is described as a frosted cool nude. Lucie over at LucieLeannexo has inspired me to get this gorgeous peachy shade – perfect for summer! Check out her full review here.

Ramblin’ Rose

 This is a gorgeous pinky-coral rose in a Frost finish. I have been loving rose gold recently and this lipstick has really caught my attention.

Vegas Volt


I definitely love pink and coral shades – as this seems to be the definite theme of this post! 

This lovely lipstick has an amplified creme finish and is described as a full power coral – just beautiful! 

Ruby Woo


This is a truly stunning statement red lipstick. 

This has a retro matte finish and is described as a very matte vivid blue-red. Classy and just beautiful. I have been slowly getting more confident with bold lips and would love to rock this. What do you think?!

One MAC lipstick will set me back £15.50 so these are definitely considered purchases! Especially in the context of being in the process of buying a new home! I definitely can’t justify buying all of these, maybe one… or two at a push! 

Let me know what you think. I love reading and replying to your comments. 


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23 responses to “No Spending July: MAC Lipstick Wish List

  1. I have Mehr and it’s one of my favourites! Definitely get it when you decide it’s time for a new lipstick purchase! Just ordered Vegas Volt, wasn’t 100% sure about it on me personally but I’m looking forward to it arriving 🙂 x

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  2. Thanks so much for linking to my blog Em! Loved this post. Let me know when your ban is over & you finally treat yourself to a new MAC lipstick – would love to see which one you choose! I think Vegas Volt is going to be my next purchase on pay day 🙂 xx

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  3. I fully recommend “lady danger” too, it’s like an orange/red and looks UNREAL on fairer skin tones. It creates this amazing glow to your complexion that I’ve not seen in any other shade. Defo worth a go 👌🏻 xx

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