Weekly Round Up: #5


So this week has been very hot and very busy! A full jam packed week at work as well as constant phone calls and messages from the mortgage company and solicitors regarding our house move – makes for one exhausted Em! 

House Move Update

On a more positive note we applied for our mortgage on Monday evening which was great – the wheels have been set in motion to buy our first home together… And even though we have been saving and this money had been set aside for this exact purpose it has been crazy to see around £1000 disappear from my account to pay various fees related to house buying – this is an expensive time!

No Spending July

At the start of the month I made a pledge to put the brakes on my beauty related spending and I must admit this week has been more difficult than I had anticipated. I have set up a list of beauty related items I am lusting after – will be interesting how many I actually purchase come August! 

So I had justified my beauty box subscriptions as not counting as #NoSpendingJuly as these have already been paid for and are not ‘extras’ – humour me please! ☺️ (My boyfriend doesn’t quite agree with my logic…). 

So on Wednesday this months Birchbox or should I say BirchBAG graced my door mat and I was so excited to see what beauty goodies were waiting for me inside! For the full detailed first impressions of each item check out my post here

The stand out product for me in this months Birchbox is definitely the beautiful lavender/mauve SOIGNÉ nail polish. I love painting and taking care of my nails and this gorgeous shade has been a winner for me!


It’s all about the FOOD
Eating out and eating good food has been a constant theme is my weekly round ups! I love food and I love to cook and this week, as we are trying to save some pennies we have been cooking much more at home rather than eating out. 


This week I made the above meal – Chinese marinated pork steaks, noodles, green beans, stuffed large portobello mushrooms with avocado in a teriyaki sauce. It was very delicious and my avocado obsession is still going strong – I just can’t get enough of them.

Friday night we went to my boyfriend Dave’s parents and his mum had made some yummy fruit scones which I just couldn’t turn down. Really yummy – will have to get the recipe from her!
 Saturday morning we had to go into town to set up a joint bank account for our impending mortgage so this involved an early start so Dave treated me to breakfast at Carluccios as I am not a morning person and enjoy my restful weekends!

I ordered the Eggs Benedict – Italian ham, 2 poached eggs covered in hollandaise sauce on a lightly toasted Italian bread – perfect, it really hit the spot and set me up well for the day.

This morning for some reason I was wide awake at 6am! I really don’t know why. So I decided to embrace the early morning and experiment with breakfast. We like to have something a bit different for our weekend breakfasts so I tried to make American style blueberry pancakes. What do you think?

Two thick blueberry pancakes with low fat thick Greek yogurt, honey and chopped banana and blueberries. So filling! It was absolutely delicious and should keep me going until our Sunday roast at Dave’s parents later ☺️.

Blogging Milestone

On Wednesday I got another lovely surprise and this time it was blogging related. I have written over 100 posts! I can’t quite believe I have reached this milestone, I love writing and am so grateful to all you lovely people who follow or stop by my little space on the internet – Thank You!

I hope you have all had a good week – let me know what you think of my weekly round up. I love reading and replying to your comments.

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