Calm: Calm The Mind, Change The World

So a couple of months ago I received this wonderful book Calm by Michael Acton Smith in the post. I received this anonymously, I do however have an inkling this was gifted to me from an incredibly thoughtful friend of mine who always knows what to say and what to do to help others – the most selfless and giving person I know. 

A couple of months ago I was having a particularly tough time in my personal life which was impacting on my work life and resulted in having an extended period of sick leave. I am now feeling much better than I did, I am still however having regular blood tests in a quest of discovering why my energy levels are so up and down and why I have strange shooting aches and pains… watch this space for a diagnosis! 

Whilst I was off work I downloaded the Calm app for my iPhone which is free. This is a great app to help you take time out of your busy life to just be. To focus on your breathing using a meditation type technique to re-focus and clear your mind – focussing on the here-and-now and to not let your mind wander to worries about the future. This technique is underpinned by the theory of mindfulness which I have always been interested in. 

I have to admit, finding space and time each day to practice this technique has not been without its challenges – and I have missed some days. However I have noticed I am much calmer and less stressed when I do regularly practice this mindfulness technique and it has really helped me to put my worries into perspective and to be more productive in the moment rather than focussing and dwelling on worries and anxieties which can be all-consuming and making me stuck.

Alongside using the Calm app I have been reading the accompanying Calm book which was ever-so-kindly gifted to me. The book is beautifully put together into sections which you can either dip in-and-out of or read as a section at a time. There are some great inspirational ideas to encourage and promote a more mindful and calm way of living. Below is a snapshot of the colourful and creative ideas in the book – all aimed to promote and encourage calm in your life. 

 I have also found colouring-in really helpful to clear my mind, relax and un-wind. Below are some of my colouring creations using inktense pencils and an aquabrush. 


Have you read the Calm book or tried the app? Let me know what you think. I love reading and replying to your comments.


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8 responses to “Calm: Calm The Mind, Change The World

  1. I really want to try some of the adult colouring books – they look really lovely & I think it looks like a great way to unwind & destress. Where do you usually buy yours from? Lovely post Em, it’s nice to see someone posting about something a bit different – very interesting xx

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  2. I love colouring. I actually own a couple of colouring books and I find them really relaxing! I’ve tried apps like that before but it just doesn’t sit with me, however I started yoga very recently and I found it surprisingly relaxing as well. I think it’s very important to find some way to unwind.

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  3. I must look into that book/app, I do struggle to find any time for myself to be honest. Love the colouring in, it’s something I’ve been doing for many years but I’m loving how acceptable it has become to admit you are a grown up that enjoys colouring! 🙂 xxx

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  4. Calm is one thing I’m having troubles at! LOL I just seem to have too much energy inside myself! Gym sure helps! 😉 I like the sound of this book though! Even though I’m sure I’d get bored of colouring in about one min and a half! LOLOL
    Have a great day, Em!
    Lots of xx Annie | Annie’s Beauty

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