It’s all about the Primers!

I  thought I would share with you two products for your skin which have seriously impressed me over the past few months; one budget friendly and one at the higher end of the cost spectrum. One presents itself as a primer, the other as a beauty balm – a quick skin booster which I’ve been using as a morning moisturiser which doubles as a make-up primer.

Rimmel – Lasting Finish Primer – £6.99 30ml tube

I picked this up several months ago and it took me a while to get to grips with it. It has quite a thick creamy texture very similar to a moisturiser so at first I used too much and found it very heavy and I could feel it on my skin. However after a bit of practice I managed to find a happy balance perfect for my skin and thus primer really helps to elongate the wear time of make-up.

I don’t think this is silicone based – it glides on the skin leaving it very hydrated so perfect for dry skin. It definitely evens the skin tone and creates a smooth hydrated base to apply your foundation and for it to stick to. All-in-all a good budget friendly primer which does exactly as it suggests – however I’m not sure whether it increases foundation wear for up to 8 hours, it definitely elongates wear but 8 hours may be a bit ambitious.

Clarins – Beauty Flash Balm – £29.00 50ml tube

This is my first experience of a Clarins skincare product and what can I say? It is just absolutely beautiful! Wonderfully soothing, smoothing, brightening and tightening on the skin. Perfect for those days when your skin needs a pick-me-up boost; this will not let you down. I sometimes use it as a morning moisturiser but it can also be used as a quick 10 minute face mask which is just fabulous. However, I have also been using it as a moisturiser/primer before make-up. I have been applying it before putting on my make-up, you do however have to be fast and apply your foundation immediately after this beauty balm otherwise you will not get a smooth finish. It is beautifully hydrating and brightening on the skin – creating a perfect radiant base for your foundation to cling to. I have found that using the beauty balm in this way elongates my foundation wear time much like a primer. I have also been mixing some of this with my Bourjois CC cream to create a wonderfully long-lasting light-weight base for summer. The Clarins Flash Beauty Balm is one versatile product which I will definitely be repurchasing. May be on the pricey side but you only need a tiny amount of the balm to achieve great results and because of its versatility it’s like you are getting several products in one which is fantastic. 


9 responses to “It’s all about the Primers!

    • That’s Rachel. It is not a primer per se, it is a beauty balm which I have been using as a moisturiser/skin boost which also doubles as a great primer for make-up. A great multi tasking skincare product 😊 xx


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