Concealer Collection: Review

L-R: L’Oréal la touché magique, L’Oréal Lumi Magique, Maybelline instant anti-age the eraser eye perfect and cover concealer, Bourjois concealer stick.

I have been testing out the above concealers for the past few months and thought it was about time I shared my views with all you lovely people.

These concealers can be split into two categories; highlighting and blemish covering.

Let’s start with the highlighting concealers – perfect for ulliminating the face and particularly skilled at covering under eye dark circles by brightening this delicate area creating the illusion of bright, refreshed skin.

Highlighting Concealers

 L: The Touché Magique     R: LUMI Magique 
Both of these concealers are from L’Oréal. I feel that L’Oréal are a great high-street brand and I am a particular fan of their mascaras and base products, therefore it’s not a surprise not one but two of their concealers are featured here.

  • The Touché Magique, True Match, Anti-Fatigue Illuminating Concealer £8.19 – Ivory Beige

I have been using this concealer for quite some time and it is brilliant at brightening dark under eye circles. It has a light creamy texture which blends easily without leaving the skin looking cakey. As you can see from the swatch photo above this concealer has a yellow undertone which also means it is good at concealing blemishes without drawing unwanted attention to them. Great for concealing redness around the nose.

  • LUMI Magique Concealer £8.49 – Light

This is an amazing highlighter which describes itself as a ‘touch of light’ which I would have to agree with. I have read that this is an affordable ‘dupe’ for YSL Touché Éclat – I cannot compare the two as I have not tried the later. From the swatch above you can she this is a very light and bright concealer – perfect for using under the eyes to brighten and conceal dark circles. This too has a very creamy and lightweight texture which blends beautifully without being cakey, leaving your skin bright and beautiful. I tend to use both of these highlighters together as they have slightly different pigments which compliment eachother to achieve the perfect brightening refreshed look. Perfect. 

Blemish Covering Concealers

       L: Maybelline                  R: Bourjois 

  • Maybelline – Instant Anti-Age The Eraser Eye Perfect and Cover Concealer – £7.99 – Light

Many a beauty blogger and vlogger have devoted a substantial amount of time raving about how wonderful and (potentially) game-changing this concealer is. I was sucked into the hype and had to give it a try for myself. 

I have to be honest when I first got this home and gave it a try I was not convinced. I found it really thick, difficult to blend and found that it left my skin looking cakey and clung to dry patches – drawing attention to imperfections rather than concealing them. With a big sigh I put it back in my make-up bag where it sunk to the deepest darkest depths!

After several weeks I decided it deserved a second chance. I do like the twist/click tube and the sponge covered applicator, however this can be unhygienic if used to cover spots directly as this will spread bacteria around your face – not a good look! I used this to conceal imperfections on my face, like areas of very thin skin where tiny blood vessels can be seen peaking beneath the surface and a very small amount on blemishes. On my second attempt this was more impression. This has a thick and highly pigmented consistency which is perfect for high coverage, it does blend well, however does need some work to ensure it doesn’t leave a cakey finish – a tiny amount goes a long way. I would not personally recommend this concealer for concealing dark under eye circles as I find the concealer sits in the creases of this delicate area and actually draws attention to the area.

  • Bourjois – Concealer Stick – £7.99 -Light Beige

I am a huge fan of Bourjois cosmetics and they are my high-street go-to brand of choice; particularly skilled at base products and lip products. My favourite foundation is hands down Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum I cannot sing its praises enough, leaves my skin looking perfect and fresh – real holy grail foundation. Therefore I thought I couldn’t go wrong with a concealer – for some reason I picked up this stick concealer rather than the Healthy Mix Concealer and oh what a mistake!

This is a traditional stick foundation which has a creamy thick texture. I found this very difficult to blend and found that it clung to dry patches like no other! This concealer boasts it contains yellow and white pigments aimed to hide dark circles and imperfections however I found it drew attention to my imperfections rather than conceal them! This really did not work on my dry skin and I actually had to remove it when I tried to use it to conceal dark under eye circles as it settled in every tiny crease and looked so thick and cakey. I was deeply disappointed with this product – I had high hopes as I just adore Bourjois as a brand but this didn’t do it for me. 

Have you tried any of these concealers? Let me know your thoughts and recommendations.


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  1. AWH man I wanted to try that Maybelline concealer since so many people swear by it, but you just changed my mind LOL it sounds like way to much work!

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