Weekly Roundup #3

 Above: Mango & Lime Daquiri

Above: Melon Margarita

 Above: Bruschetta Bites Sharing Board (grilled focaccia wedges with mozzarella and marinara sauce, topped with pesto, artichoke, olive, and red pepper salsa)

 Above: “Penang-Bang” Chicken Salad (chicken noodle salad with peanuts – however I had to ask for the peanuts and then crush them myself to sprinkle over the salad!)

Above: Banana Waffle Split (roasted banana, vanilla ice cream, waffle, chocolate and butterscotch sauce)

So it’s that time again for my weekly roundup! 

This week we decided to head to Giraffe for our dinner on Wednesday evening. If you have never been to a Giraffe restaurant then you are missing out. A great menu selection – ranging from light salads, tasty burgers and fries, grills, stir frys and Mexicana dishes – alongside some pretty yummy cocktails!

The reason we decided on Giraffe is that we have a Cineworld card which gave us 20% off. A selection of cocktails were also half price so I just had to try the Mango & Lime Daquiri and the Melon Magarita – both very tasty, the Margarita had a definite kick to it!

The “Penang Salad” looked so inviting and tasted as good as it looked. Succulent chicken with crunchy vegetables and soft noodles in a spicy sauce. I just couldn’t resist the desserts and the Banana Waffle Split was incredible. I had never tried roasted banana and it was a delight – slightly caramelised from the roasted and beautifully soft and sweet inside. Perfect.

Food and especially indulgent treats seem to have been this weeks theme (being that time in the month may have been a contributor to my splurge!). I just couldn’t resist this new Salted Caramel Galaxy chocolate bar. I love the smooth creamy texture of Galaxy chocolate and love anything salted caramel so this was definitely going to be a winner. It certainly didn’t disappoint! Beautifully smooth creamy chocolate with sweet gooey caramel with a hint of salt which sharpens the overall taste – wonderfully indulgent! A firm favourite.

I needed another sweet fix during the week and wanted to try something slightly healthier than my beloved Ben & Jerry’s Icecream. I saw this YooMoo Strawberry Frozen Yogurt and thought I would give it a go. This is much lower in fat and therefore a lot less calories than Icecream. I was a bit disappointed that this tube seems to have a substantial amount missing – possibly adding to this being the ‘low fat’ option! However all joking aside this is really delicious! It has a lovely creaminess and swirls of gorgeous strawberry which feels really indulgent bit of course without the calories. I will definitely be looking out for this again.

L-R: Real Techniques Shading Brush, Rimmel by Kate Lipstick in 37, Rimmel by Kate eyeshadow stick in 100 Rose Gold

Friday night it was my task to go to Asda to pick up some of their make your own pizzas – and whilst I waited for my order I just had to peruse the beauty aisle! For my full post about the above beauty bits click here.  

So these little beauties also made there way into my shopping trolley at Asda. When it is that time of the month I just crave sweet food (as detailed above!) alongside cheese. I love cheese, if I could eat cheese all day every day I would! I spotted this cheese ‘selection box’ and just needed to give them a try – great to satisfy a cheese craving without going overboard and eating too much!

So this week has mostly been about food! Yummy yummy food. Let me know what you think, have you been to Giraffe or tried the beautiful salted caramel chocolate, frozen yogurt or are a fan of cheese like me! Love reading and replying to your comments.


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