Impromptu Beauty Buys! 


So I was tasked with purchasing the make your own pizzas at Asda (so yummy and just as good as takeaway pizza at a fraction of the price!) and whilst waiting for my order I was drawn to the beauty aisles.

Is it just me or is it a recent phenomenon that you can get some high-street make-up brands in supermarkets?! In my local Asda there is a Rimmel and George make-up stand. The Rimmel make-up was on offer with most items under £5! Bargain. 

I was drawn to the Kate Moss Rimmel range – Kate Moss is responsible for my impromptu beauty splurge! I have always loved Kate Moss and went through quite a ‘girl crush’ stage with her during my uni days when she was dating Pete Doherty from the Libertines as I was a massive Libs fan. Therefore I am not quite sure why I had never tried anything from her Rimmel range before – I have definitely been missing out!

I swatched several lipsticks which were just gorgeous and I fell in love with this Lasting Finish by Kate in shade 37 which is a beautiful rich deep coral with orange and red tones. The lipstick applies so smoothly, has a creamy yet lightweight texture with a very subtle sheen – it’s not a matte finish and it’s not a super glossy finish – but it is a lovely balance of both which creates a really wearable lipstick. I don’t own any other lip product of this shade so it is a great addition to my collection. This beautiful bright coral lipstick also goes well with my new coral blush by Bourjois (for full review click here).

I also wanted to try another long-lasting eyeshadow as since using the Maybelline Color Tattoo cream eyeshadow pots I have fallen in love with the staying power of this formula (Check out my Cream Eyeshadow: The Game Changer!). 

I picked up the Eyeshadow Stick by Kate in the shade 100 Rose Gold. As you can see from the swatch above it is a beautiful rose hued shimmering gold shade which blends really well but once it has set it promises to stay in place for 12 hours! This is also waterproof so perfect for a summers day. I applied this and the lipstick as soon as I got home as I was so impressed with my new purchases.

The Real Techniques Shading Brush was on offer at £6.58. I have been looking to up my eyeshadow game recently and wanted to try a decent brush to help me buff and blend my eyeshadow and I am hoping this will be a good start. The brush is very soft and the bristles are cut into a curved shape which I am hoping will help me to create some beautiful buffed and blended eyeshadow looks. I used this brush on the eyeshadow swatch above to buff out the harsh line at the top with an impressive result.

Have you tried any of the by Kate range at Rimmel? Would love to hear your recommendations. 


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