Face Masks: Hello Radiant Skin 

L-R: Liz Earle Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask, Origins Drink-Up Intensive, Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask, Balance Me Radiance Face Mask, Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel

As you all probably know I am a huge skincare junkie. One of my favourite feelings in the world is getting home, getting into comfy clothes and taking off my make-up. The feeling of beautifully cleansed skin is like no other – so satisfying! 

I also love pampering myself with a good face mask. I tend to use a face mask a couple of times a week – more if my skin is either particularly dehydrated or I’m having a hormonal break-out (yes I still get spots and I’m 31!). The above 5 have become firm favourites for clear, hydrated and radiant skin.

Liz Earle – Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask

I couldn’t blog about my skin saviour face masks without Liz Earle making an appearance. Cleanse & Polish is my most reached for hero cleanser; the same goes for the whole of their skincare range – I have yet to find a Liz Earle product that I don’t like!

This Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask is great for when your skin needs a quick pick-me-up boost. This mask is great for dry, dehydrated skin. Only needs to be left on for a few minutes – perfect speedy pamper! I have blogged a full review of this great face mask before – if you are interested to read more it can be viewed here

Origins – Drink-Up Intensive 

This is another great mask for dry, dehydrated skin. I reach for this when my skin needs an extra something. It has a gorgeous fruity scent and I find it best to use as an overnight treatment – I wake up with beautifully refreshed, plumper hydrated skin. Just lovely. This is part of my 100 Follower Thankyou Giveaway – if you haven’t entered already entered check out how to win some lovely treats and celebrate with me here

Origins – Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask

This is the only face mask I reach for when my skin is in break-out mode. I thought this would be something I would grow out of…. I’m  fast approached 32 years old age and my skin has no sign of letting up on a hormonal break-out 😔. 

This however will sort my skin out in one application. It is a lovely dark charcoal mask. You only need to smother your face in a small amount and sit back, relax and wait for the magic to happen! Wait until the mask has dried (only takes around 10 minutes) and gently remove with warm water. This active charcoal mask draws out all the nasty spot-inducing impurities which clog your pores. It leaves my skin feeling clean, refreshed, visibly tighter & smaller pores and spots soothed. Incredible mask! This is also up for grabs in my 100 Follower Thankyou Giveaway – check the rules and enter here

Balance Me – Radiance Mask 

Balance Me was a new brand to me. I picked up this face mask months ago as a freebie in a magazine. I put this face mask to on side in my bathroom and forgot about it – what a mistake! I am so glad I rediscovered this in my beauty stash. Such a beautiful mask which uses natural ingredients to refresh your skin leaving it full of radiance. If you would like to read a more in depth review check out my Balance Me post here

Elemis – Papaya Enzyme Mask

I have only had this mask for a about a week as it was a great freebie in a magazine (see post here). However many years ago I had another sample which I simply adored but was a penniless student at the time and just couldn’t justify spending £32 for a full 50ml size of this. 

This has a gorgeous fruity scent which is a joy to use – feels really indulgent on the skin. This only needs to be left on the skin for a few minutes before removing gently with warm water. The mask contains fruit enzymes which gently buff the skin without exfoliating granules which can be harsh on your skin. A joy to use.

Hope you have enjoyed this post. What are your reach-for face masks?

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10 responses to “Face Masks: Hello Radiant Skin 

    • Thank you, I enjoyed writing it as I love face masks. I think I love both equally for different reasons. The Liz Earle one is great for a quick treat and I always use the Origins one overnight which is just lovely xx


    • Not terrible at all! A great brand which I absolutely love, would definitely recommend trying them out, great on all skin types. Do you have a favourite skincare brand? I am a bit of a skincare junkie! X


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