Bourjois Rouge Edition: Review

L-R: Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Lacque 01 Appêchissant, Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Lacque 02 Rosé on the rocks, Rouge Edition Velvet 07 Nude-ist

Bourjois are fast becoming my favourite, go-to, trusted drug store make-up brand. I absolutely love their base range – their Healthy Mix Serum and Healthy Balance Powder are trusted staples in my make-up collection.

I am still a relative newbie to the somewhat overwhelming world of lipstick – much preferring lipbalms and clear lip gloss. I have however tentatively and metaphorically dipped my toe into lipstick over the past few months (see my lipstick tag here).

These liquid lipsticks from Bourjois are gorgeous – and they were bought on a 3 for 2 offer at Boots recently which is always so tempting to get more than you intended to buy! 


L-R: Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Lacque 01 Appêchissant, Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Lacque 02 Rosé on the rocks, Rouge Edition Velvet 07 Nude-ist

Rouge Edition Aqua Lacque – 01 Appêchissant

These liquid lipsticks have a high gloss formula which leave the lips beautifully moisturised with a lovely soft shine without any shimmer. 

This has a gorgeous peach coral tone and applies smoothly and precisely to the lip. It settles evenly and is non-sticky or tacky – a lovely wearable texture. I also rather like the smell of these Aqua Lacque liquid lipstick glosses – a lovely caramel vanilla scent – a joy to experience.

Rouge Edition Aqua Lacque – 02 Rosé on the rocks 

I do love a ‘your lips but better’ pink tone on my lips and this does not let me down. A beautiful rosy pink shade with the same beautiful scent and moisturising formula as Appêchissant. These liquid lipsticks are long-lasting and need minimal re-application; however I did find they needed touching up after eating and drinking which I didn’t mind and wasn’t a surprise. Lovely liquid lipsticks which are moisturising and glossy – more like a lipgloss but with more pigment and staying power. Gorgeous.

Rouge Edition Velvet – 07 Nude-ist


As I mentioned above I am a relative newbie to the bamboozling world of lipsticks and I am still experimenting with which finishes and textures of lipsticks suit me. 

This liquid lipstick has a matte finish. The liquid lipstick applies smoothly and evenly; however it dries quickly so precise application is a must – if you make a mistake this needs to be removed quickly otherwise it is likely to stain.

This has a very light, almost water-like consistency which dries to a beautiful matte which is drying, but comfortable. This does have a strange smell which fades once it’s set – I have been racking my brain trying to think of what the scent reminds me of but I am at a blank! Do you know what I mean? This is incredibly long-lasting. I was amazed that it remained on my lips after eating and drinking! Easily lasted all day. When first applied it is a bold matte colour and as the day goes on it fades to an even lip stain; leaving your lips with a lovely hint of colour.

All in all these are gorgeous liquid lipsticks with either matte or glossy finishes – another winner from Bourjois.


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27 responses to “Bourjois Rouge Edition: Review

  1. Oh i love Rose on the Rocks: looks so pretty on you 🙂
    I have one of the matte ones and it didn’t last on me at all, I am wondering whether I just picked the wrong color.
    xxx Anne

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