Birchbox – June 2015: The Unveiling

I was so impressed to receive my Birchbox yesterday. This is my second experience of a Birchbox. This month subscribers could choose a preference for which design of box they would rather receive (however there were no guarantees that you would receive your preference).

There were three designs up for grabs – a black & white classic fresh inspired design, a vibrant patterned design or a floral daze design, which I plumped for. It’s a gorgeous watercolour floral design which is just beautiful! I like to keep the boxes and re-use them for storage proposes so this months box is particularly eye-catching and will work well for my storage ideas.

This months box is also a collobaration with French Sole shoe company – and inside each box is a handy drawstring shoe bag in your preferred design.

Now let’s open the box and see what goodies have been chosen for me this month!


Birchbox x French Sole – Shoe Bag 

This is a lifestyle bonus in this months Birchbox. This has a beautiful floral design and I am sure I will put this to good use. A nice little extra.

STYLondon – Temporary Metallic Tattoos (Full size is £7.99) 

The last temporary tattoos I tried was back in the day when you used to get free gifts in boxes of cereal (anyone remember those days?!). When I used to beg my mum to buy Rice Crispies or Frosties just to get my hands on the collectable minifigures, reflector badges for my bike and of course bright and neon-coloured spokey dokies! My primary school-aged self loved collecting anything – be it trolls, polly pockets and of course sporting the latest temporary tattoo trend! These temporary tattoos look much more delicate and classy than the ones I wore with pride in my pre-teen days!

These are a beautiful gold colour and I am particularly looking forward to trying the gold leaf design as a tattoo bracelet 😊. Great for summer!

English Laundry – No. 7 for Her (Sample – full size is £60)

This is my first experience of receiving a perfume sample in a beauty box. It is a good size sample – great for your handbag – and it has a spritzer which is great for a quick freshen up.

I have not heard of this perfume brand before so it always nice to try something completely new. I have had a quick spritz and it does have quite a strong musky yet sweet smell – not unpleasant but a stronger scent than what I would choose for summer – a more evening scent. Lovely none-the-less.

Cynthia Rowley Beauty – Creamy Lip Stain in Poppy (Sample size – full size is £14)

This is a lovely pinky/coral/red glossy lip stain with a hint of subtle gold shimmer. Here’s a close up look at the tube and swatch.

This has a liquid lipstick texture which has a slight gloss to it but dries to a lovely even stain. I think I will be wearing this a lot to give my lips a nice hint of colour. This is a new brand to me but it is a lovely little lip product.

Beauty Protector – Protect & Oil (two small vials – not sure if this is full size – full size is £16)

I received two vials of this hair oil in my box. The vials are made of glass so they were bubble wrapped so need to be handled with care! I have never tried a hair oil and this one claims to protect hair against UV and heat damage – you only need to smooth 1-3 drops into damp hair; leaving your hair protected and glossy. I have recently had some more highlights put in my hair so I am rather blonde for summer, I am intrigued to try this out. Has a lovely sweet vanilla scent which I just adore.

Cowshed – Body Lotion in Knackered Cow (100ml size – full 300ml size is £20)

I have heard of Cowshed, however have yet to try any of their products. It seems a quirky brand with names like knackered cow! Cute packaging, this lotion has a light texture which absorbs quickly into the skin leaving a lovely soothing lavender and eucalyptus scent – which is just lovely. I will enjoy using this.

Yes to – Cucumbers Facial Wipes (10 wipe pack – full size is £4.99)

When I opened my box and realised I had face wipes I have to admit I was a tad disappointmented. If you have read my blog before then you would know that I love all things skincare and love taking care and pampering my skin – I do not use face wipes!

However once I opened this and gave one a quick try they are unlike any face wipes I have ever experienced before! They are 95% natural which is great and have a lovely cucumber scent which I really love. These are a handy size, perfect for travelling or keeping in your handbag so I am sure I will find a use for these – especially as I spend a lot of my working day around children 😊

All-in-all I am pleased with this months box – however I would have preferred more skincare products rather than make-up and hair products – however these are products which wouldn’t necessarily grab my attention when out shopping so it might be good for me to branch out and try something a bit different.

Let me know if you received anything different to me; or any thoughts or experiences with these products. I love reading and replying to comments. 

Hope you enjoyed this months first impressions of the Birchbox.


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25 responses to “Birchbox – June 2015: The Unveiling

  1. The absolute first thing I thought when I saw the photos, before even reading, was how gorgeous that box is. I’m glad you got your preference! I’m not a fan of facial wipes either (the brands I have tried all left my skin feeling sticky and tight), but if you like how those feel, you could use them after a workout or anytime you end up sweating. I found some facial wipes that I feel are decent and I mostly use them after a workout. Loved your post! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you my lovely ☺️ it is such a beautiful floral design on the box – I am in love with it. That is a great idea for the wipes – I will definitely keep them close by. I do love the scent of cucumber… Which probably makes me a little strange, but it is so light and refreshing 😊 xx

      Liked by 1 person

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