Twinings, Pukka & Taylors Flavoured Tea: Review 

 L-R: Pukka Vanilla Chai, Taylors Sweet Rhubarb, Twinings Cherry Bakewell

I am a lover of all things tea, especially green tea – I am still loving the Twinings Salted Caramel and Gingerbread green teas (for review click here). However the above beauties have also been added to my ever expanding tea collection!

I have been consciously cutting down on caffeine and my body has been thanking me for it – I (strangely) feel more alert, have less dips and peaks in my energy levels and have a more consistent sleep pattern to name but a few benefits! 

I have been loving the above teas recently, all have a lovely sweet taste which I adore, so no need for sugar or sweetener.

Pukka – Vanilla Chai

I love a good Chai Latte which can be calorific and packed with sugar – great for a treat once and while but not everyday. I have a particular love of the Twinings Chai Latte pods for my Tassimo machine – just lovely. However keeping a supply of pods can be expensive – step forward Pukka Vanilla Chai tea; a great alternative when you need a Chai fix!

This tea packs a chai punch with warming cinnamon and has a wonderfully soft vanilla sweetness to it. I love it – a velvety hug in a mug! Just gorgeous.

Taylors – Sweet Rhubarb

This beautiful tea was recommended to me by the lovely Ana over at Ravishing Roses – definitely check out her blog 😊. I had been searching in all my local supermarkets for it without avail, however recently popped into Tesco and was so pleased to spot it in the tea aisle. I came home and brewed my first cup and it is a wonderful sweet fruit tea (tastes like sweeties!). Perfect if you need a sweet pick-me-up and don’t want to head for the chocolate, biscuits etc. Yummy!

Twinings – Cherry Bakewell Green Tea

Twinings have quite a range of flavoured green teas and so far I have loved each one I’ve tried. I am still loving the Salted Caramel and Gingerbread green teas – salted caramel has even been repurchased as it is so lovely.

This cherry bakewell flavoured green tea is gorgeous. When it’s brewing it has a wonderful aroma of juicy baked cherries and sweet almond sponge – yummy! It also has a lovely sweet taste, the sweetness of the cherry bakewell flavour takes the edge off the sometimes bitter green tea taste. I think this will be a repurchase too!

What do you think of flavoured teas? Do you have any favourites which you could recommend? Thanks for reading. 


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19 responses to “Twinings, Pukka & Taylors Flavoured Tea: Review 

  1. Mmm! Did you add milk to the chai one? Almost all flavoured teas tend to be milk free but I wonder if the chai one works with milk? I love chai latte too! xx

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    • I didn’t try with milk but I can’t see why not. I will try it with milk next time – you could definitely make a good chai latte with it. I’m sure it will be lovely if it was warmed through with some milk and water (and maybe a squidge of honey or vanilla syrup) and served. Actually that has given me a great idea for a winter warmer drink! Xx


  2. Yum! That Twinings Cherry Bakewell Green Tea sounds amazing! I really love Yogi Vanilla Spice Perfect Energy. I drink in the mornings or afternoons for a light pick me up and like to use honey as a sweetener (instead of sugar). It gives a small boost of energy to get through the day, but won’t leave you hyped up like an energy drink. I love it! 😉

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