Body Shop Spree: First Impressions

 L-R: Camomile Cleansing Oil, Vitamin C Energising Face Spritz, Virgin Mojito Body Butter

I was in town on Tuesday with my mum and we found ourselves in The Body Shop. I haven’t bought anything from the Body Shop in years so I was interested in having a peruse as I have read so many great things by reading fellow bloggers!

Firstly, my mum mentioned as we were looking at the different products that she had noticed her skin was getting dry and that maybe she should try a facial moisturiser – she chimed ‘you know about skincare don’t you?’. So we headed to the skincare section. I have not tried any of the Body Shop’s skincare range but had heard very positive things about the Vitamin E range – skincare was also on a 3 for 2 offer so I advised my mum to get the Vitamin E cleanser and day moisturiser. My mum is in her late 50’s and has remarkable skin despite never using skin care products or wearing make-up! I’m hoping I have inherited her good skin genes!

So, naturally I had to get a skincare product as it was a 3 for 2 offer so I decided to try the Chamomile Cleansing Oil which I have read so many positive and glowing reviews of! I have used it a couple of times to take off my make up before having a deep cleanse with my beloved Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish as part of my evening skincare routine. 

This Chamomile Cleansing Oil has a lovely subtle scent of chamomile which is gentle and soothing. All I needed was two pumps of this oil in the palms of my hands which I warmed slightly before massaging it into my face. This oil feels very light and gently lifts off every scrap of make-up, including stubborn mascara. This is gentle enough to use to remove eye make-up; I have very sensitive eyes and I haven’t had any adverse reactions. I then use a muslin cloth soaked in warm water to remove the oil. It leaves the face feeling clean yet soft and hydrated – not stripping at all.

I also picked up a small size of the new release Virgin Mojito Body Butter. This is such a beautiful zesty scent with sparkling hints of mint which takes my mind to sandy beaches, relaxing which my favourite Mojito cocktail in hand! Just gorgeous. This has a thick rich texture as with any body butter and absorbs beautifully into the skin leaving a wonderful fresh limey scent.

When we got to the counter to pay for our bits the sales assistant brought to my attention the Body Shops membership scheme which would give me 10% off future purchases, if I signed up today I would also receive a free Face Spritz. I signed up and I am impressed with this Face Spritz. It has a refreshing orange scent and has a very fine spritz. I have used this both with and without make-up and it doesn’t interfere with my make-up; it is just a nice refreshing perk me up. I will be keeping this in my bag when I return to work for those moments when you need a quick freshen up. Lovely product.

I am impressed with The Body Shop – still the same high quality and beautifully fragranced products.

xXx Em 


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