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I have been loving reading quite a few of The Lipstick Tag posts recently and I have been tagged to share my own collection by the gorgeous Annie at Annie’s Beauty Blog – Annie is a great blogger so I would definitely recommend you checking her out – she has some incredible lipsticks which are definitely on my ever-increasing wish list!

The Rules

1. TAG 3 bloggers to answer these same questions.

2. Those bloggers will TAG 3 more bloggers of their choice with the same questions & rules.

3. No tagging back (mentions are fine).

I will answer the questions first and will post some more photos and descriptions at the end. Hope you enjoy 😊.

The Questions

1. How Many Lipsticks Do You Own?

So far I own 15 which I think is fairly reasonable for a relative lipstick newbie! I have only gotten into lipstick in the last few months; I used to prefer a sheer lip balm or gloss. To be honest I used to be quite wary of lipstick, not having much confidence in what suited me or how to wear it probably – however I have been enjoying experimenting with lipstick looks since starting this blog and being inspired by reading about others’ lipstick obsessions!

2. What Was Your First Ever Lipstick?

I can remember this very clearly. It was free with a magazine – I want to say Shout! or some such other young teen magazine of the 90’s. It was a Collection 2000 nude brown matte lipstick (yes very 90’s!) and I absolutely loved it, I can still remember the smell and texture of it. Isn’t it strange how make-up trends come back around – as my first lipstick was very similar to the current ‘Kylie Jenner’ inspired nude matte lips.

3. What Is Your Most Worn Lipstick?

At the moment it is Love Pop by Clinique. I will be posting some photos and descriptions below.

4. What Is Your Favourite Brand For Lipstick?

I own a lot of Revlon lip products and I do love the pigmentation, application and moisture levels in their lipsticks.

5. What Is Your Favourite Finish?

I definitely prefer a more creamy sheer finish as I like to have moisturised soft lips.

6. What Is The Last Lipstick You Bought?

Bought two yesterday actually – Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Lacque’s. For photos and descriptions see further below.

7. How Many Lip Products Do You Currently Have In Your Bag?

Three; Clarins Natural Lip Perfector, EOS lip balm in Passion Fruit, and Clinique Love Pop.

8. What Lipstick Do You Use To Rock A Red Lip?

I absolutely love rocking a red nail colour (see my Nail Polish Collection post for my love of red nails!). I have however been more cautious of rocking a red lip. I love the look on others and wish I had more confidence to try it for myself. I have been loving the Lord & Berry Red Lip Crayon which I received in my first Glossy Box (for full review post see here). I will post photos and more description further below.

9. How Do You Store Your Lipsticks?

At the moment lipsticks are stored in my ever expanding make-up bag. I have however been swooning over other bloggers’ acrylic lipstick holders – so this is definitely on my (ever-growing) wish list!

10. What Lip Products Are You Currently Lusting Over?

I absolutely love the look of the lipsticks by Charlotte Tilbury and Tom Ford. These are both high-end and high-price lipsticks so I will have to be certain of such an investment in my lips!


I do not want to tag any specific bloggers to do this as I know many of you have already been tagged and I loved reading your lipstick posts. If you are reading this and want to post your own lipstick collection then go for it and of course let me know!

Now for photos and descriptions of my collection: 



Revlon – Colorburst Lip Butter in 035 Candy Apple

A gorgeous orangey red lipstick which is highly pigmented and hydrating on the lips. Can be patted onto the lips for a subtle sheen of colour or swiped from the bullet for a bright colour pop.

Yves Rocher – 101 Framboise

I was given this gorgeous red lipstick from a good friend who received this in one of her beauty boxes but the colour didn’t suit her. This is a creamy bright red lipstick which (in my opinion) smells of strawberry. It applies very smoothly and evenly with a lovely creamy moisturising texture.

Lord & Berry – Crayon Lipstick in Kiss

I got this lipstick crayon in my first Glossy Box for (full review post see here). This is a very bold orange/red matte lipstick – think Marilyn Monroe old Hollywood glamour. I do absolutely love this colour and will be trying it out when I want to rock a bold statement lip for a special night out.

Benefit – Benetint Rose-Tinted Lip & Cheek Stain

This may not technically fit the ‘lipstick’ category but I do use this to add a hint of colour to my lips rather than use it as a blush. It adds a gorgeous rosy glow to the lips and has a lovely rose scent. Love it.

Berry & Nudes Shades


Clinique – Bare Pop

This is a gorgeous brown nude lipstick with a subtle gold shimmer. I love it. For a more in-depth review check out my Clinique Lip Pops Review

MAC – Twig (satin finish)

This is a gorgeous creamy browny pink nude – my first lipstick from MAC and I do love the moisturising texture and signature vanilla scent. For a full review check out my Lipstick Loves post.

Bourjois – Rouge Edition Velvet in 07 Nude-ist 

This is a fairly new addition to my collection. It is a gorgeous ‘my lips but better’ nude matte liquid lipstick. I am planning to do a full review on this soon so keep an eye out for that.

Clinique – Love Pop

This is definitely my most worn lipstick at the moment. It is a beautiful berry shade with a subtle gold shimmer – so wearable. I have received a few compliments when I’ve been wearing this lipstick. For a full review check out my Clinique Lip Pops post.

Peach & Pink Shades


Revlon – Lip Butter in 025 Peach Parfait

This is a lovely peach shade, however it does contain rather large glittery particles which does mean you can feel it on your lips – so this has put me off wearing this particular shade on a regular basis.

Revlon – Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain – 001 Honey

This lip crayon has been well loved – so much so the print has worn off the tube! I love the texture and colour of this balm stain. It is a beautiful rosy pink shade which I just adore. This is a pigmented and hydrating formula which means it is very comfortable to wear. It also has a minty fresh scent which is unusual and took some getting used to, the scent does however fortunately fade very quickly.

Bourjois – Rouge Edition Aqua Lacque – 01 Appêchissant 

This is another fairly new addition to my collection – it is a pigmented glossy peach toned lipstick which is just gorgeous for summer. I will be posting a full review of this shade and Rose on the Rocks soon – so make sure you hit follow so you don’t miss it!

Revlon – Color Burst Lacquer Balm – 105 Demure

I am a fan of Revlon lip products and this is a lovely glossy crayon with a pretty peachy gold shimmer. The shimmery particles are quite large so you can feel them on the lip – so not for everyone!

Bourjois – Rouge Edition Aqua Lacque – 02 Rose on the Rocks

This again is a fairly new addition and I will be posting a full review of this and Appêchissant soon so keep checking back. I fell in love with this in the shop – a wonderful rosy hued glossy lipstick. Love it.

Balms – Your Lips But Better


Dior – Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm

I am nearing the end of this tube and will definitely be repurchasing as this is just beautiful! A lovely balm which leaves a rosy pink glow which is unique to you by adjusting to your Ph levels – just lovely. For my full review check out my review post here.

Clarins – Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector – 02 Coral

This is a firm favourite which I always keep in my handbag. Leaves a gorgeous hydrating peach sheen to the lips. For my full review check out my review post here.

Hope you have enjoyed this rather long post. Let me know what lipsticks you like and I always welcome recommendations. Also let me know if you decide to post your own Lipstick Tag as I love to read them!

xXx Em

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  1. Dying to get my hands on Twig! Sadly MAC is so expensive in my country, so I always have to think twice before buying one of their products.

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