Superdrug Vitamin E Range: Review

I popped into Superdrug a few days ago and revisited their Vitamin E skincare range. I have been a big fan of this range for several years – their Hot Cloth Cleanser is a wonderful cream cleanser which is a good drug store alternative to the cult Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish – I had thought that the Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser had been discontinued but I was so pleased to see it sitting in abundance on the Superdrug shelves! However I couldn’t find it on the Superdrug website…

I noticed the above two products which are new additions to the range for me. Everything in the range was on a Buy one get second 1/2 price offer – bargain! 

Vitamin E – Gentle Micellar Solution (200ml bottle for £2.99)

I have read a lot about micellar water make-up removers and had yet to try one! This is so gentle and I was amazed that a water solution could be tough enough to dissolve and get rid of make-up whilst being gentle and not drying or stripping on the skin – this achieves on both counts! Great product. I have not tried any other micellar waters so I can’t compare to the ones which have a much higher price tag, however for £2.99 I think this is definitely worth a try.

Vitamin E – Gentle Oatmeal Exfoliator (£2.99)

I love a good exfoliator and I thought I would give this a try as I am a fan of the Vitamin E range in general. This is a lovely scrub but quite different to the other scrubs I use. The ‘scrubby’ bits in this cream exfoliator are rather big oatmeal particles which can be quite scratchy – so you need to be very gentle with this product otherwise it may irritate more sensitive skins. A lovely face scrub to use in the shower so you can make sure all the oatmeal particles are throughly washed away! A nice scrub to add to my ever growing collection.

Have you tried any thing from the Superdrug Vitamin E range? What are your thoughts?

xXx Em 



3 responses to “Superdrug Vitamin E Range: Review

  1. I love the sound of these products. I’d like to try this, if we ever sourced these products but we don’t 😦 I too like a good exfoliator and that’s suited to my skin.

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