Bank Holiday Weekend Fun


I thought I would write a post about the great bank holiday weekend I had – full of wonderful friends, family and things which make me smile 😊.


First off Saturday was the institution that is the Eurovision Song Contest. My boyfriend and I spent the evening with my best friend, her husband and friends and family for a Eurovision party – full of snacks (see my above contribution of a lemon drizzle cake), drinking games and patriotism.  


Above two photographs courtesy of Steph. Above photograph: Me and my best friend Steph after a few drinks 😊. 

Austria won Eurovision last year so hosted the event – but ended the night on ‘nil points’! This years round up of songs from across Europe and beyond (even Australia had an honorary entry) were jam packed with euro-cheese- pop, pyrotechnics, interpretative dance, enthusiastic drummers and even our British darling Nigella Lawson delivering Britains votes. We ended the competition with a healthy 5 points! Could be worse lol Sweden won – I rather liked the song. Was great spending time with my favourite people – a great fun time had by all 😄.


Sunday was shopping day – I posted about my shopping haul here – Latest Shopping Haul.


Today has been a chilled day – lovely visit and leisurely lunch with my friend Louise. After lunch we wandered around a local garden centre where I picked up these two beautiful Cath Kidston mugs in the race car design -£6.50 each. I have several of these size mugs by Cath Kidston with various designs – I love the size of these mugs, perfect for a good mug of tea!

This afternoon has mostly consisted of colouring-in with my new Secret Garden book which I bought yesterday. I have been using some lovely ink pencils which when paired with an aquabrush you can achieve some great colour washes which you can build the layers and intensity of colour.
Now for a cup of tea, some chocolate and watching Britains Got Talent with a face mask! Is it just me but one of my favourite parts of my day is taking my make up off and taking care of my skin – so soothing and relaxing.

Hope you have enjoyed my weekend round up.

xXx Em  


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