Twinings Flavoured Green Tea: Review


Over the past few months I have been focusing on taking better care of myself both inside and out. I have a stressful job which I thoroughly enjoy but it is high pressured and I enter into and support people in crisis which is a real privilege but at the same time it takes it toll on me personally as I am a naturally sensitive, empathetic and introverted person – therefore this type of work is draining and exhausting. My boyfriend has been super supportive and he bought me these gorgeous roses the other day which made me smile and I wanted to share these with you – flowers make me happy just like tea makes me happy! 


So let’s get back to hot beverages – I have a tassimo machine and I love the Costa Caramel Latte pods but I wanted to cut down on caffeine, so I stumbled across the Twinings Green Tea and Mint pods which were lovely so I decided to branch out and try other green tea products from the Twinings range as the choses for the Tassimo are somewhat limited!

The above teas caught my attention when I was in the supermarket and they were on a ‘2 for £3’ offer which I just couldn’t resist!

L – R:

Twinings Salted Caramel Green Tea

Yes you read that right – a salted caramel green tea! How can you get the subtle balance of salted caramel in a hot tea beverage?! But some how Twinings have achieved this.

The salted caramel flavour is very subtle in taste, but when you brew this tea there is a distinctive salted caramel aroma which is just wonderful! Just leave the tea bag to steep in hot water for around 2 minutes and you have a lovely cup of green tea. I think the salted caramel flavour takes the (sometimes) bitter edge off of the green tea. The tea also has a sharpness which is the salt flavour cutting through and enhancing the sweet caramel flavour – gorgeous.

A really lovely cup of refreshing tea – perfect to take the edge off sweet cravings!

Twinings Gingerbread Green Tea

This tea really surprised me. It has a really punchy spicy kick to it with I love. A really refreshing uplifting tea perfect for when you need to perk up. A real treat for the senses. Just lovely! 

I am loving green tea at the moment, and these flavoured ones are a fabulous twist on a classic. Green tea is packed with antioxidants and gives you a health boost from the inside. Since cutting out coffee and switching to green tea I have seen a real difference in my wellbeing – especially in my skin! My skin looks refreshed and much more radiant. Green tea is great!

I also have an obsession with Owls and I could probably do a pretty lengthy blog post on my random mugs and cups – this owl cup is one of my favourites 😊.

Do you have a favourite tea?

Hope you have enjoyed 

xXx Em


7 responses to “Twinings Flavoured Green Tea: Review

  1. I really like the Gingerbread green tea as well! Also good on you for cutting back on your caffeine, I’ve got a Tassimo machine too and I HAVE to have a costa americano every day! I should probably try cutting back too haha xo

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