Garnier BB Cream – Miracle Skin Perfector: Review

I have been wanting to try a BB cream for some time – I was intrigued by this Asian skincare and make up hybrid as I love taking care of my skin and sometimes find that wearing a foundation can feel heavy and can be drying on my dry/sensitive skin. 

A BB cream boasts to be an all-in-one product – incorporating nourishing skincare properties (serum, moisturiser, sun screen) along with make up coverage (primer, foundation). This seemed like the perfect product for me!

This is the only BB cream I have tried and having read other bloggers and researched other reviews it would seem that BB creams range on the spectrum with regards to levels of skin care properties and pigment/coverage.

I have the light shade which I think is the lightest shade in this range. As you can see from the photo above it does look rather ‘dark’ for a light shade but it does blend out really well on my pale skin.

The cream has a thick nourishing texture and should be applied lightly like a facial moisturiser rather than like a foundation (I initially made this mistake and did look very shiny and orange…); less is more, less is definitely more!

I found this best to apply with my fingers, lightly dotting a tiny amount of each cheek, on the forehead, chin and nose and gently smoothing this into the skin and buffing out the pigment to achieve an even skin tone. 

Word of warning – at first this can look quite shiny and appears to ‘sit’ on the skin. Let the skincare properties of this BB cream sink into your skin for a few minutes and you are left with a smooth, radiance to the skin with a hint of colour which helps to even out your skin tone. 

I have used the BB cream both alone and as a base to apply my regular foundation. I have found this to be a really good primer if you want to use it in this way. 

If used alone it definitely gives a boost to the skin, but the coverage is very very light. Perfect for summer days as this does contain SPF 15 which is a fantastic bonus as my regular Bourjois foundation does not contain a sun screen. This is also perfect for days when you don’t want to put on a full face of make up, perfect with a bit of blush, slick of lip balm and a tint of mascara – for the perfect no make-up make-up look 💕.

Have you tried any BB creams? What would you recommend for me to try? I would like to try one with more coverage 😊.

xXx Em  


8 responses to “Garnier BB Cream – Miracle Skin Perfector: Review

  1. I’m looking for a BB cream as oppose to the foundation I wear. I’m indian but with fair, yellow based skin. Would this shade be okay for me or would you recommend darker? x

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    • Thanks for your comment. I would think this one would be ok – however I haven’t tried the medium or darker shades so I don’t know how they blend out. This light shade does look quite orange but it does blend out well and doesn’t look orange on the skin, I hope that’s helpful! Xx

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