My Nail Polish Collection: Can You Ever Have Too Many Reds?


At the end of last week I decided I needed to organise my nail polishes and make-up as my collection has been growing over the past few months and my boyfriend has been getting more and more frustrated with my untidiness. So I went onto Amazon and purchased some lovely acrylic storage/display containers.

This is the first of my purchases to arrive – I am impressed! It is a lot bigger than I had expected, and at first I was worried that my nail polish collection would look lost on the five tiered unit – but oh how I was mistaken!

I have had a long love affair with nail polish. I can remember as a pre-teen and teenager saving my pocket money to go into the local market town to this tiny jewerly/make-up shop which was full of cheap nail polishes, make-up, hair mascaras (any 90’s kids remember them?!), bindi’s (another 90’s classic!) and inscense and bits and bobs like that. I can remember falling in love with a royal blue nail polish with flecks of glistening gold which I wore when ever I could. In those days I used to bite my nails, often leaving them bleeding and painfully small. Yet despite this I still adored nail polish!

Over the years I have managed to break the habit of nail biting – I managed to stop in my early 20’s and then this opened up my world to the full joy of nail polish and nail care!

My Red Collection

As you can see from my collection red is my go to, staple colour. Despite having a rather large collection of red hues I always go back to Nails Inc – Victoria and Albert which is a gorgeous pillar box red colour. I actually have two of these exact shades – one in the old style Nails Inc cylinder bottles and one of the new square bottles which also contains kale extract; so this doubles as a colour and a treatment.

Another of my staple pillar box red is OPI – Big Apple Red. I love OPI polishes – I especially love the rounded fan brush applicator which supports a clean and professional looking finish to your manicure. 

These reds brighten any outfit and make a bold quirky statement – love them. 

Nail Care

I always use OPI – Nail Envy as a base coat for any polish, this is a must for darker colours to avoid the colour staining the nail. Nail Envy has transformed my nails and this helped me to stop biting them as this is a treatment base coat which nourishes the nail making it stronger and stronger. I also always use a top coat with every nail polish colour. At the moment I am loving Nails Inc – Top Coat with Kensington Caviar. This drys very quickly (touch dry in 45 seconds) and leaves the nail super glossy with a wet look finish – gorgeous.

I also apply cuticle oil daily to care for the whole of my nail, as well as using this to help ‘set’ the layers of base coat, two coats of polish, and top coat by applying this all over the nail and cuticle as a finishing touch to my manicure. OPI – Avoplex Oil has been a staple for many many years – I re-purchase this time and time again – it is a real hero product.

Dark Tone Collection

The top tier of my collection is for another love of mine – dark tone polishes. The hues I love range from deep glossy black, deep purple/berry, deep browns, greys and taupes.

I tend to wear these more in the autumn and winter months. I think they compliment any outfit and look good on both short and longer nails. I also like to layer these colours with the sparkly/glitter polishes for a party look or for the Christmas season.

Hope you have enjoyed my collection.

What is your favourite nail polish colour?

xXx Em 


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