The Joy of Baking: Cupcakes 

I started this blog as a way of me sharing my interests with like minded people and share in a community. Thus far I have enjoyed reading others blogs and connecting in the blogging network. However so far my blog posts have concentrated on sharing my love of beauty products and make up so I thought it was about time I share my love of baking!

This post will share a range of my baking creations over the past year or so. I love cooking and baking – baking cupcakes and desserts in particular. I find the whole process relaxing and therapeutic and I like to share my bakes with my friends, family and colleagues.

The above photo is of some scrumptious red velvet cupcakes I made when it was my birthday to share with my colleagues. Let’s just say these went down well – social work and cakes go hand in hand! These are a yummy red velvet cake mixture – which is a rich red colour flavoured with vanilla and cocoa. These cupcakes are topped with lashings of cream cheese frosting and decorated with chocolate and wafer daisies and stars and edible glitter. Yummy!

The above photo is another batch of red velvet cup cakes. This time topped with cream cheese frosting and red sugar balls as decoration.

The above photo is my salted caramel cupcakes – absolutely devine! A light cocoa and caramel sponge filled with caramel and topped with caramel swirled frosting and finished with a sprinkle of salt. Amazing!

The above two photos are of the cupcakes I was asked to make for my best friends wedding. I was also maid of honour so I was very busy! 100 cupcakes made from scratch and this was before I purchased my beloved Kitchen Aid mixer! This was hard back (or arm!) breaking work. Four varieties – four wonderful flavours and colours which worked in with the wedding theme and colours. Purple – chocolate cupcake. Red – raspberry and white chocolate. Brown – caramel and vanilla. Yellow – lemon. These all went down well at the wedding and I got lots of fantastic feedback and compliments.

This is my beloved Kitchen Aid mixer. I am in love with this – makes baking so much easier a real joy to use. This also looks beautiful on the kitchen worktop. A pricey investment but love it!

Black Forest gateaux – need I say more!

Hope you have enjoyed this post of my baking creations 😃



8 responses to “The Joy of Baking: Cupcakes 

    • I haven’t made cupcakes in so so long! However my kitchen aid is now living in the loft ready to sell the house 😢. If I make some they would be old school like for your wedding xxx


  1. Wow those look amazing. The caramel ones would go down a treat right now and I love those wedding ones, when I first looked at the pic without reading it looked like little toadstools for a fairies party.
    Absolutely divine xx

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