Emjoi MICRO Nail – Electric Nail Polisher: Review

Emjoi MICRO Nail – Electric Nail Polisher. (£39.99 – however is on offer in Boots for £29.99 at the moment).

My boyfriend bought this for me last year as a surprise ‘pick me up’ gift when I was feeling low. He knows I love taking care of and painting my nails so thought this would be a good ‘gadget’ (my boyfriend loves gadgets!) for me to try. 

This is essentially a battery operated nail buffer. It comes with two pale green buffer attachments and two white smooth/polishing attachments. You use the green buffer first to quickly run over each nail for a few seconds – the attachment rotates at high speed and the abrasive buffer smooths out any ridges on the nail. You then change the attachment to the white smooth/polisher which reveals a high shine buff to the nail (see first photo above – my nails are shiny just from using the MIRCO Nail – I have not used any nail polish).

This only takes a few minutes and leaves the nails looking naturally groomed and polished. This is a good base for any nail polish and (in my opinion) this base provides longevity to any colour.

I am impressed with this electric buffer, and tend to use it once a week, or every two weeks to keep my nails smooth and tidy.

Have you tried this? What do you think? xXx


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