My Favourite Cleansers: Review 

I have been trying a couple of new cleansers over the past few months – these both being balm cleansers so I thought I would post a mini review about my favourite cleansers.

Ever since I was in my early teens I have always cleansed, toned and moisturised my skin – however over the years the products which I have used have changed! As a teenager I had spot prone skin but as I have grown older my skin has changed from combination to now being on the dry and sensitive side with the odd hormonal break out.

Left to Right:

Liz Earle – Cleanse and Polish – Hot Cloth Cleanser. £15.50 for 100ml + muslin cloth.

This is a luxurious cream cleanser which I have been using for many many years. This is a gorgeous thick cream cleanser which removes all traces of make up and grim, including stubborn eye make up and is soft and gentle on the skin. It has a fresh, earthy herbal smell which I rather like – I find it relaxing to breathe this in when I cleanse. Once the cleanser has been massaged into the skin all you need to do is soak the muslin cloth in warm water and gently remove the cleanser with the cloth. The muslin cloth not only removes the cleanser but also gently exfoliates the skin and can be used to target more congested areas to buff the skin. This always does the job and always leaves my skin clean, soft and hydrated. Love love this cleanser! A firm staple which I purchase over and over again!

Superdrug – Vitamin E – Hot Cloth Cleanser. I think this was about £3.99 for 150ml but I cannot find this online so I think this has been discontinued.

When I went back to Uni to study for my Masters Degree the pennies were tight so I had to reign in my spending on beauty products. Therefore during this time I put Liz Earle purchases on hold and discovered this beautiful cleanser in Superdrug! This is a cream cleanser and has a similar texture to the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. It also comes with a muslin cloth and I use it in the exact same way as the Liz Earle product. It does not however have the same earthy, herbal scent – this product does not have a strong scent at all. This removes make up and cleanses skin incredibly well – I am really impressed with this drugstore cleanser and am gutted that I cannot seem to find it anymore 😔. A good affordable cream hot cloth cleanser.

Emma Hardie – Moringa Cleansing Balm. £36 for 100ml including dual sided cleansing cloth.

I had been reading a lot about this product and cleansing balms in general and was eager to try a different type of cleanser. I bought this from Debenhams when they were giving 10% off so it made it slightly more affordable. I have been using this most days for the past couple of months. It has a thick balm texture which transforms to a light oil when smoothed over the skin – it dissolves make up including stubborn mascara! Once it is all massaged in I use a few drops of water to transform the oil into a more foamy texture and then soak the cloth in warm water to remove the cleanser. The cloth has two sides – one side a soft cotton flannel like texture the otherside is a muslin cloth – great for exfoliating more stubborn congested areas. This cleanser has a intoxicating subtle floral scent which gives a relaxing, indulgent experience when using it. Leaves the skin clean, hydrated and feeling really fresh with no traces of oil. I do love this cleanser, however at £36 for 100ml it is on the more expensive side, however it will last as I am only around half way through this tub and I’ve had in for a couple of months. I would definitely repurchase as a splurge.

Clinique – Take the Day Off – Cleansing Balm. £22 for 125ml.

This is another cleansing balm I have been trying out. This has a firmer texture to the Emma Hardie cleansing balm. However, very similar – a tiny amount goes a long way. I dig a small amount from the tub and smooth it all over my face – as soon as it is warmed by the face this thick balm emulsifies into a smooth oil which can be massaged in – and again is great for removing all traces of make up including eye make up. This balm is fragrance free so is not so much of a relaxing sensual ‘experience’ as using a fragranced product like Liz Earle or Emma Hardie. It does however do an amazing job at getting my skin clean without any fuss and leaves it feeling fresh and hydrated. This is a good product which I would definitely repurchase as it has a slightly better price tag than the Emma Hardie cleansing balm.

REN – Rosa Centifolia – Hot Cloth Cleanser. £16 for 150ml.

This is the only product I have used by this brand. I discovered this when perusing in Marks and Spencer’s one day and I had a gift voucher to spend. This is a gorgeous creamy cleanser. Has a very subtle fragrance of floral rose which is lovely to use. It is great at removing every last trace of make up and leaves the skin feeling very refreshed and clean. This also comes with a muslin cloth. I am getting near the end of this tube and have been looking at other REN products to try. This cleanser also comes in a balm form so I may try that next time! Great brand and great product.

I hope you have enjoyed my mini reviews of the cleansers I use and love. Let me know what you think.



6 responses to “My Favourite Cleansers: Review 

  1. I am addicted to cleansers, so this is lovely to read! I am now so curious about the Ren cleanser: it sounds divine and I don’t know why I haven’t tried it yet.
    xxx Anne

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