Colouring In and Relaxing 

I am loving colouring in my colouring book for adults. I have nearly finished the above page and I think it is so pretty – I need to purchase some more felt tip pens as I am quite restricted in my colour choices. I have really enjoyed the colouring in experience, I have found it creative, expressive and relaxing. It is something I can do in the evening with the TV on in the background to take my mind off things and unwind. I would definitely recommend and I look forward to sharing some more of my colourings.

I also bought this gorgeous new candle yesterday:

I am a huge fan of Yankee Candles however haven’t bought any new ones in a while. I think this is a fairly new scent as I haven’t seen this before.

Cappuccino Truffle – it is a gorgeous creamy sweet scent. You can definitely pick out the layers of cappuccino/coffee and the rich chocolate/cream aromas which are just delicious. I love lighting candles – I find them relaxing and I love the Yankee Candle sweet and fresh scents.

What do you do to help you relax and unwind?



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