LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub – Review 

I absolutely adore LUSH products but their lip scrub range was a new one for me. I picked this up as I was drawn by the hot pink colour and claims of a candy floss taste!

I have never tried a lip scrub before but had been noticing that lip balm and lip sticks had not been applying smoothly on my lips and had heard great things about this particular scrub from YouTube Vloggers.

This is a pure sugar scrub infused with moisturising natural oils and a wonderful candy floss taste – the smell and taste reminds me of the Christmas shower gel ‘Snow Fairy’ – absolutely yummy!

A small amount of this scrub goes a long way – scrub it into your lips and it gently buffs away any dry skin and gently nourishes your lips. Any excess sugar can be licked off and it does genuinely taste of candy floss – a real treat!

After using this scrub I tend to apply a lip balm which sinks into my lips and prepares them ready to apply lipstick.

This scrub comes in a 25g tub which costs £5.50. I have used this most days for a couple of weeks and it’s hardly noticeable that any product has been used – this will last a few long time!

Great stuff!



9 responses to “LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub – Review 

    • Same here – I love the bath bombs and shower gels and was always intrigued by the lip scrubs. I would definitely recommend though. Thanks for your comment 😀 xx


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