Bourjois CC Cream – It’s a grower! 

I bought this CC cream a couple of months ago, used it a few times and wasn’t convinced. I felt it was a bit too dark for my very pale complexion and felt really heavy and too ‘dewy’ / shiny on my skin. I then left it gathering dust in my make up bag, instead opting to use the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation which is a fabulous foundation and a stable favourite!

However, this morning in my rush around to get back to work and not wanting to put a full face of make up on I decided to try it out again. This time I used a tiny amount just dabbing it on the cheeks, nose and forehead and smoothing it in with my fingers. A little goes a long long way! It was so light and gave a good amount of coverage and really gave my skin a radiant boost.

When I had previously used the CC cream I had applied a larger amount and buffed it in with a foundation brush – like I would apply the Healthy Mix Serum Foundation. However I would recommend using a tiny amount of CC cream – as you really do not need much! It’s definitely a grower – in-so-much as a little goes a long way and it took me a while to appreciate this fantastic product!!

Em xXx


6 responses to “Bourjois CC Cream – It’s a grower! 

  1. I use the bourjois healthy mix foundation and rave constantly about it on my blog haha so I’m always up for trying a lot of bourjois’ bases! I don’t normally use cc or bb creams because I do like a little bit of coverage but because I’m so in love with this brand I may just have to try this product out xx


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