New Nails! – Polish and Hand Cream Review 

Essie – Fifth Avenue 

I couldn’t wait to try my new nail polish shade I blogged about yesterday. I applied this rather hastily so I apologise for the ‘flooding’ on the nail – I usually apply much neater than this.

This is a shade by Essie called ‘Fifth Avenue’. It is a wonderful hot orange colour. I think it looks more of a creamy orange hue in the bottle but on the nail looks more of a deep orangey red. A very wearable colour for me – definitely a nice change to my usual pillar box red ☺️. I was also really impressed with the brush – it is curved which helps it to fan out when you coat the nail aiding a (more) precise application (if you have steady hands!).

I have used a base coat of OPI ‘Nail Envy’, two coats of ‘Fifth Avenue’ and a top coat of Nails Inc ‘Kensington Cavair’ and finished off with OPI ‘Avoplex’ which has achieved the super glossy look. This routine usually lasts around a week without chips – I will let you know how long it lasts.

Soap and Glory – Endless Glove 2 – in – 1 Moisture Mask and Hand Cream


I also bought this new hand cream yesterday and couldn’t wait to try. It suggests it can be used as an intense moisture mask if you apply  and then use cotton gloves and sleep overnight for a deep moisture treatment – I have yet to try it this way… (will need to invest in cotton hand gloves… Another trip to the drug store may be in order!). 😃

I have however used this as a regular hand and nail moisturiser and I am impressed. It soaks in very quickly without the tacky feeling I am left with by some hand creams which feel uncomfortable and irritating.

It does have a scent which I wasn’t expecting. The hand creams I usually use have vanilla or sweet scents. This, however has what I would describe as a cirtus musky scent. Not unpleasant but not what I would usually go for – it will take some getting used to.

This hand cream does however leave my hands and nails feel really soft and absorbs well. I also picked up the 50ml size which is perfect for my handbag 😊. Another great Soap and Glory product!

Let me know what you think – are you a fan of orange shades? Makes me feel much more ready for summer! – it is actually rather warm and sunny today…. Very unusual for a April day in England UK! xXx


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